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M18 Season Start

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by deanomcfee91, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. @VGFL Member

    Invites for the league will be sent out tonight. When you join the league please choose the team you drafted and then create-a-coach, please don't use any pre-existing coaches as this will give you an unfair advantage over other coaches due to coaching packages.

    After looking into the connected franchise mode, it is apparent that the free agency list is pretty stacked to begin with.
    To make it as fair as possible for everybody we are implementing these rules to begin with in preseason.

    Pre-season week 1 - week 4 - during this period you can sign a maximum of 2 FA's on a first come first served basis.

    Regular season week - 1 - FA now becomes open and unlimited, feel free to sign anybody you like from FA

    Pre-season schedule

    Pre-season week 1 - From invite to 10pm - Friday 01st
    Pre-season week 2 - will be skipped **
    Pre-season week 3 - Friday 01st 10pm - Saturday 02nd 10pm
    Pre-season week 4 - Saturday 02nd 10pm - Sunday 03rd 10pm
    Regular season week 1 - Sunday 03rd 10pm - Thursday 07th 10pm

    The season will then advance at the normal intervals. Sunday 10pm - Thursday 10pm - Sunday 10pm

    ** week 2 of pre-season will be skipped so we don't have to cut in to our regular season schedule. pre-season is used for roster management hence the 24hr advance times. Feel free to play your games if you can schedule them. If not they will be simmed as nobody will be put on AP.
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    #1 deanomcfee91, Aug 31, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2017
  2. @VGFL Member the schedule has changed

    invites will be going out at 9:30pm GMT once you join you can sign free agents at 10pm tonight
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  3. Only 1 though yea as per stated in the thread earlier ?
  4. It states no FA can be signed in wk 1?
  5. It's 2 FA's and sorry my Secretary @eaglewolfenstien did half a job at editing the post haha.
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  6. Beat him with a stick ! right best get looking if it's 2
  7. I have 2 craigmanunited is your photo a baseball player or the space dude?
  8. Had a invite from the league but it went down
    Now i need a password??
    Or do you reinvite
  9. I'll be sending out invites

  10. I think it's the space dude mate, I've received a friend request from someone which I will add soon via the PSN app on my phone.

    Please note though I'm currently out of the county & I won't be back in the uk until a good 2 weeks or so, I have informed the twitter account of this & they have placed me on auto pilot until I return.
    I will ask my sister back home to accept the invite to join the league so I'm all joined up & ready to go once I'm back.
  11. Wait til I go to work huh? I see how it is.
  12. @VGFL Member due to unexpected problems we will now be skipping pre-season week 2 like we initially was. we are doing this because some players have been delayed in joining so if we advance then the cpu will make roster cuts for that team.
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  13. @deanomcfee91
    League settings and sliders for M18
    If you have some fixed can you post on forum so we/i can start a trainingFranchies
    Great to have for practice
  14. I think it was eagle last night on chat that asked me about the sliders, it's all good except when I throw a bullet pass it's fine goes close to the player catch or not, but a normal pass you throw it's like 5 miles away from the receiver and not the route in the direction I throw it, but that's 1 game could be me but will definitely have another crack at offline with the sliders and see how it goes, again could be me lol
  15. Will set up an absent thread so if anyone goes on holiday or needs to go on computer for game or more then please let us know via that thread

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  16. I would like to join and take chiefs if available please
  17. Sounds good. We will send you invite on PS4 to league. You played in league and also have a look at rules and let us know if anything you don't understand.

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  18. All rules seem fine, can't wait to get started.
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