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Madden 18 - VGFL Sim Madden League

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by Eaglewolfenstein, Jul 29, 2017.

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    As Madden 18 is only just under a month away now, I wanted to start to gain interest of who is wishing to join. Please drop your name below and we will add you to the list. The season rankings will be posted just before madden 18 drops. The order in which players will get to pick there team will be dependent on commitment and skill. You will see when the list is posted that the players that are the most committed with less skill will pick first.

    BIG NEWS!!!!
    There will be a copy of MADDEN 19 up for grabs for the best and most dedicated player throughout M18. It will follow the same system as the team selection points apart from season standings which will be reversed. E.G. the person who wins the regular season will get 32 points instead of 1. There will also be points up for grabs for AFC, NFC champions and the superbowl winner.

    Get your names down quick because the people who are with us from the beginning will have the best chance of winning.

    1. @Eaglewolfenstein
    2. @dean
    3. @brunty
    4. @Bartell
    5. @c-los
    6. @Kallax4
    7. @Dobko
    8. @Hiero1994
    9. @Crispytones81(CB07B11M13)
    11. @RobbieBrewis
    12. @DT15
    13. @dwevans
    14. @Jackussbaby
    15. @Kookiano
    16. @1874Craig
    17. @Sherman88
    18. @Static Gator
    19. @newportdragon
    20. @Keeno
    21. @davidkinghun
    22. @Ayre36
    23. @Timbo99
    24. @Homesickalien
    25. @DannysDad
    26. @Blitzburgh4891
    27. @JMaestr01
    28. @ForzaRivett
    29. @JemH15
    30. @Bigeasyry
    31. @Craig.
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    #1 Eaglewolfenstein, Jul 29, 2017
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  2. Im in please
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  3. Also the Swede
  4. Dobko is in
  5. I'm in if I get the game. Not 100% sure at the moment
  6. In mate
  7. However much I would love to, I can't afford it at the full price and after sucking balls at 17 will wish you well and bow out now.
  8. That a shame Tom. I buy from us account. Is it not cheap enough to think otherwise?

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  9. Hows that work?

    On Amazon it's listed as £50 and frankly if I was choosing at the moment I would probably do F1. (Although as they are interations I expect I will wait)

    With 2 kids, disposable income is low and we have many other things we need. I tend to get stuff on Amazon using any vouchers I have left from birthdays or work bonus. As they are limited I try to stretch them to what I really want.

    Also Madden was fun but takes up a lot more time than the F1 league did.
  10. You have a American account and then but psn credit in dollars and just pay for it that way.

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  11. Or some people game share and split the cost

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  12. Game share?

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