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Madden 18 - VGFL Sim Madden League

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by Eaglewolfenstein, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. I do this with my son saved me having to buy duplicate of games to play and he hasn't even had to have psn+ since he got his console.

    Both accounts on each console, on your console.. your account secondary, his account primary, on his console.. his account secondary your account primary

    Full access to each others catalogue not only games but dlc and beta also

    I hold it all on my account and he uses what he wants from it, I know they say digital is expensive but I've saved a lot doing this compared to what I would have done buying two of retail.
  2. In
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  3. So when is the draft guys?
  4. Can I join?
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  5. There won't be one till end of first season on madden 18 mate. Unless you mean for picking teams?
  6. Yes. Your name has been added to post one.
  7. No I mean the team draft
  8. Would like to know when this is happening too please lads
  9. I'd say once we got around 23-25 we can do the team draft. So I'd say possibly next week if it all goes to plan.

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  10. second thoughts think this season needs to end as points are being tallied up still.

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  11. When's your current season scheduled to end?
  12. Hello

    Is this league been run on the PS4? If so may I join it?
  13. It is a PS 4 league bud

  14. Thank you very much, how do we sign up? Do we just put our name down here?
  15. Yes mate if you wish to join we will add you to the list on first message. If there more than one, all people will need to sign up.


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  16. May be sooner that the league finishing as we're in week 11 from tonight so league will finish right around game being released.

    I'll confirm with you all by this weekend.
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  17. @Sherman88 you need to put your name down on this thread to join league.

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  18. I was invited to join, all new to me this league but been madden player since 2002 my name is my PSN ID
  19. Nice one!

    Welcome. We will add you to the list and teams will be picked in next week or two. You'll be given a ranking and then once your then you get to choose from who left.

    We are all here to help you, so any questions please let us know.
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