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Madden 18 - VGFL Sim Madden League

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by Eaglewolfenstein, Jul 29, 2017.

By Eaglewolfenstein on Jul 29, 2017 at 4:04 PM
  1. [​IMG]

    As Madden 18 is only just under a month away now, I wanted to start to gain interest of who is wishing to join. Please drop your name below and we will add you to the list. The season rankings will be posted just before madden 18 drops. The order in which players will get to pick there team will be dependent on commitment and skill. You will see when the list is posted that the players that are the most committed with less skill will pick first.

    BIG NEWS!!!!
    There will be a copy of MADDEN 19 up for grabs for the best and most dedicated player throughout M18. It will follow the same system as the team selection points apart from season standings which will be reversed. E.G. the person who wins the regular season will get 32 points instead of 1. There will also be points up for grabs for AFC, NFC champions and the superbowl winner.

    Get your names down quick because the people who are with us from the beginning will have the best chance of winning.

    1. @Eaglewolfenstein
    2. @dean
    3. @brunty
    4. @Bartell
    5. @c-los
    6. @Kallax4
    7. @Dobko
    8. @Hiero1994
    9. @Crispytones81(CB07B11M13)
    11. @RobbieBrewis
    12. @DT15
    13. @dwevans
    14. @Jackussbaby
    15. @Kookiano
    16. @1874Craig
    17. @Sherman88
    18. @Static Gator
    19. @newportdragon
    20. @Keeno
    21. @davidkinghun
    22. @Ayre36
    23. @Timbo99
    24. @Homesickalien
    25. @DannysDad
    26. @Blitzburgh4891
    27. @JMaestr01
    28. @ForzaRivett
    29. @JemH15
    30. @Bigeasyry
    31. @Craig.
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Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by Eaglewolfenstein, Jul 29, 2017.

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    2. What time tomorrow are we drafting?
    3. Dean will be posting soon mate with all details.

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    4. I'm one of the first to pic a team because Winston made a lovely last season with over 50 interceptions or was it even more or less .. Dont remember haha
      I can go for Dallas, Falcons, Cowboys Saints or what all the fancy teams have for names
      So whats my pic ?
      Think i need to get my hands on Buc's again......Love that ship haha
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    5. There is only one team im looking for!!!!!:sneaky::sneaky::sneaky:
    6. As long as it's not the jets I'm happy and with my draft number some decent teams will be left
    7. Hey John,

      Where about you from in US and are you able to commit to uk times of playing games which typically will be between 6pm and 11pm. You may find people also play during the day on weekends.

      If that works then your more than welcome to join if your happy with rules etc.

      Let us know!
    8. How do I add my name?
    9. Welcome. We will add you to the list. Best to keep an eye also on instant chat for your turn on picking a team. You'll be one of the last but sure you'll still get a reasonable team

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    10. @Miker2 this is the page. I have added you to the list.
    11. Count me in.Colts if possible
    12. @Craig. That's fine. How did you hear about us?

      Please familiarise yourself with the rules.
    13. Free copy of m19 you say? Hmm :D
    14. Plenty of terms and conditions for people of your ability lol. What's brought you to these parts of the world

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    15. Some notification that I got an email about. Something sent to all vgforum members I think.
    16. Assuming your still winning the SML? We got 3 spots if you want to join. I advise you to take Jets lol

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    17. Lol. I've got all the league I can handle at the moment, but it's a cool idea giving away a prize like that.
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