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My youtube Channel - Please support me ramblings

Discussion in 'Hobbies / Interests / Photo Editing' started by Satf01, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I've just started back up doing the odd video on Youtube to get my gaming write / chat fix. Im totally useless at Youtube stuff so this is a learn as I go process but would appreciate any feedback or support you guys could give.

    Im not chasing a tonne of views but I wont complain either if you were to watch each video and hit the like button then subscribe..... [​IMG]


    Mot of my vids will be a mix of bits and pieces from guides to review thoughts and lets plays. Will also be including some of my FIFA league game coverage.

    If anyone wants to lend a hand or get involved feel free to shout.


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  2. Hi mate. I'm subscribed. I'll keep an eye out for your videos :)
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  3. Also shamelessly please feel free to sub back haha
  4. Done

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  5. My latest Ramblings about Xbox Scorpio


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