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Next big game we can all play

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Maverick177uk, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. will it be planetside 2, tbh I don't see many of you guys on line these days, so just wondering if this could be the game that gets everyone playing together?
  2. You are too busy playing Destiny?
  3. Not playing Destiny any more Mav?

    I had 33 Friends online playing last night. It wipes the floor with any other game that I've played in terms of sheer volumes playing.
  4. Planet side 2 I reckon...maybe some dayz
  5. Battlefront.
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  6. DayZ is awesome, haven't played it in ages!

    Whatever happened to H1Z1 Ps4 release - that's all gone quiet

    Also I think ARK could be fun once it hits console but thats not until Summer 2016

  7. I'm iffy on ARK tbh. Playing it on Steam. Great idea etc but ruined by utter wankers

    Plus...and this is ridiculous...if you leave the game your character stays in the world and be killed. So you could be a high level in real life bed whilst some noob attacks you in the early hours
  8. The character remaining after you've left is the worst idea I've ever heard!

    With the ruined by utter wankers thing - this is probable but happens so many times in online games now. DayZ is a classic example - I've suffered so many times from a group attack lol however if there was a reasonable number of people grouping up then defend/attack as needed in numbers would be good :)
  9. What do you expect if you send friend requests to people in the same boat? It's like walking into a pub and saying that 70% of people are drinking beer.
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  10. Destiny becoming boring now I'll not hit level cap so there's not much else to do, forgot about battlefront that will be a day one purchase for me
  11. I'm hoping Battlefront is going to be good. I've got it preordered at Tesco for PS4.
  12. Yup. I was just putting the finishing touches (ie last 2 walls) to my hut to bed down for the night, fire nicely going, plenty of food on me etc and had to go to the loo. Came back 3 mins later to find some level 3 had attacked and killed me for no reason. Game ruined.

    After that I looked into how to save and found out that basically you have to hide your house somewhere as if they find you that's you done. So if you went away for the day or slept or worked by time you cone home your character had a good chance of being killed. Assume dino attacks could do the same.

    Absolutely atrocious idea
  13. I don't send friend requests to people in the same boat, I generally play with people in a community on AVF. There's no big conspiracy, it just happens to be the game we're all playing and unfortunately there doesn't look to be any games coming out that will get everyone playing together like the old Cod days.

    It certainly hasn't happened with Cod or any iteration of BF for a fair few years.
  14. I think all Fozzeh is pointing out is that you enjoy playing exclusively Destiny. And so it stands to reason that your friends list will change over time to reflect that.

    And that's a different thing from saying that a large proportion of your friends play Destiny as a result of it being superior and having longevity.

    I could have a friends list of over 30 people playing Dragon Age every night if I wanted to. Then I could post it on here to make a point too. But christ what a sad bunch of fuckers that friend list would be.

    Oh and to the OP - we should all get Wii Us and play Splatoon.
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  15. Your arguement sucks you can't even get a second person to play dragon age never mind reach a milestone 30 :p

    @Wicksy seriously dude where is that wanker smilie... I'll use this for now...


    On topic next big games for most of my friends list fifa, nhl and cod probably...
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  16. No, from the off I had loads on my friends list playing Destiny. People I had played Cod with for years. I'd say that from the start, I had just as many playing as I did in the old Cod days. Yes of course the amount of people playing the game increased as I gradually added people but that goes with any game.

    I remember when Blops came out, soon after release a few of the old school VGF'ers joined the ranks and we became friends.

    Yes you could add 30 friends to your friends list and call them sad but that doesn't make my Destiny Pals sad.

    You add friends as you go, they become your friends. I've met some great people online and yes that's right, it's the game we're all playing.

    AVF isn't a Destiny forum, it has players of all types of games but it just so happens that the game most people are playing is Destiny.

    .......I do have Splatoon BTW :p
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  17. I love the fact that by insulting me, you've kind of proved my point. I used Dragon Age as a key example because no one else plays it. If I then went and played it online with people through its multiplayer function, found people who played it, added them to my friends and then came on here to tell everyone, it would make fuck all difference to both the game's actual popularity and excellence, and neither would it sway anyone here to play it.

    And seriously, again, it's all about Splatoon.

    To be clear I was merely highlighting how sad a friends list would be if it consisted of solely Dragon Age players...
  18. Damn... I wasn't looking to validate your point... I just wanted to insult you... :rolleyes:
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  19. If you had a Splatoon friends list you would mostly be playing with Jimmy Saville's old pals
  20. Batman. GOTY probably, SP only. Maybe Uncharted if it actually gets released but same vain.

    MP for all? Hardline lol.

    Seriously, I don't know.

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