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Nintendo eshop

Discussion in '3DS/DS' started by WolfCarnage, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Resident Evil Revelations 3D demo is now available for download on eshop. Haven't played it yet but you get 30 goes at it before I assume it deletes it's self.
  2. New Demos now available include Heroes of Ruin and Rayman Origin

    I'm downloading them as I type so will let you all know later how good they are. I'm quite looking forward to playing them both.
  3. Kingdom Hearts 3D demo now available on the Eshop. Loved the Kingdom heart games on the DS and hoping its similar in the style of card play.

    Also a rhythm Final Fantasy demo available. Not to sure about this one but I'll give it a go.
  4. Couple of things worth a mention,

    Pokemon Shuffle is now available for free. Nintendo is finally looking to move into the mobile candy crush type game market. My daughter has tried it and likes it so I guess it's aimed at the youthful market.

    Iron Fall is available too, demo has been played and its a pretty decent stab at a 3rd person online shooter.

    One more thing worth a mention for the kids is the new Anime channel. It's free and the content is also free. Not sure if it'll end up as a premium pay service but seems a decent addition right now if your kids like watching Pokemon etc.
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  5. Picked up Nintendo pocket football today. Great little alternative to the other footy manager games available on other devices.

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