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No Man's Sky

Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by Andy_XCite, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. I need to go back to that actually

    Worth a watch for anyone whether interested I the game or not

  2. Rebel Galaxy free on Plus seems less shallow...
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  3. Or on PC get Elite
  4. I enjoyed Rebel galaxy and it reminded me of the original elite, except without the tricky docking (docking computers are for wimps btw).

    I haven't played Elite dangerous as I don't have a decent gaming PC or an XB1, it is supposedly coming to PS4 but I given up on that.
  5. Yeah docking computer does take away the fun....it can also be more dangerous
  6. people are saying elite and rebel galaxy better
  7. Yes. The people writing on this thread.
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  8. I just meant all over the internet haha
  9. NMS not as good as the hype so it seems, best stick with MSN for true class
  10. That'll be a hard sell after the shit storm of a release it had.

    I've heard that a load of patches and content added managed to make it a slightly more enjoyable game but it was to little to late for most people.

  11. And STILL no multiplayer lol
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