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OLine Pro Bowl Selection

Discussion in 'Rules' started by dwevans, Apr 16, 2018 at 4:56 PM.

  1. @VGFL Member

    Effective immediately we will introduce a new system to correct the flawed OLine ProBowl Selection In-Game. Hiero and myself had our entire Oline plus some backups all make the pro-bowl which is just stupid.

    I helped create a similar system in SML which I will improve further in its transfer over to here.

    Each team in the following categories will have a player selected for the ProBowl in Each of the NFC and AFC

    Top 3 “Passing Attempts per Sack”

    Top 3 ‘Maulers” – Combination of Yards Per Attempt Rushing & Rushing TDs

    Top 2 “Time in Pocket” (Combination of YPA Passing, Passing TDs, Sacks & Wins)

    Top 2 “All Rounders’ (Combination of Total Offensive Yards & Wins)

    The order of players chosen will depend on snap count (Available in Season Stats)

    The awards received will be age dependant:

    21-23: +3 RBK and PBK, +4 Awareness and +1 DEV upgrade (max 2 Dev upgrades per team)

    24-25: +2 RBK and PBK, +4 Awareness and +1 DEV upgrade (max 2 Dev upgrades per team)

    26-27: +2 RBK or PBK (up to max 88 - if above then + 2 awareness up to max 95)

    28: +1 RBK or PBK (up to max 87 - if above 87 then +1 awareness up to max 95)

    29-30: +1 AWR up to max 95

    31+: No boost

    If any player gets voted to PB with Slow Dev - they get a +1 Dev boost regardless of age

    A maximum number of 5 players can reach the pro bowl per team if a combination of edited & in-game occurs but only 3 players can be edited in this way per team. A max of 3 players at any 1 position can make the Top 10.

    Each team can only receive two Dev upgrades. Any additional players who make it in game will have all boosts removed.

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