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partners in horror games reduce fear

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by Lordofgames, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Am i the only one feeling this? surely not?

    Playing re6 and in other games such as last of us or other games i notice when u have a partner not even a human but in game partner the scares go. When u are solo its much more intense. Partners in games really make a different feel to the game.

    Even other games i notice like metro etc, sometimes u travel with buddy etc....or even in fallout u can go alone or with someone. When alone the game feels so much more intense etc
  2. I've played dying light in co-op and if anything it only heightens it, the first time I saw a volatile with @Eaglewolfenstein it was at night and we where fairly new to the game.

    Didn't know what to expect as eagle explained to watch the cut scene, once I saw the volatile, Eagle said leg it.

    It's pitch black could see fuck all I ran with my heart racing, I lasted 30 seconds and just as before I died I remembered I had a fucking flashlight which I switched on, but by then I was dead light switched off bye bye riddler.

    Over the next 5/6 months we had numerous other people reach that scene with the exact same experience.

    It's intense solo but I feel in co-op with a full 4 players on comms it ramps up quite a bit, this lasts only until you get used to surroundings though after 60+ hours of play I can travel at night with no problems now, but I'll never forget the feeling of seeing my first volatile it was crazy.
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  3. Yeah I did that bit with you on my game and shit bricks
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  4. maybe intense the wrong word. I mean perhaps more tense lol more suspense, more scary, more feeling of danger, more creepy feel.

    Its why i like playing games like cod online with say 3v3 or 4v4, the maps more empty, more hiding, more personal not just some random frag fest.

    Let me put it in this perspective.

    Would you rather visit an old abonded house at the top of a hill in middle of nowhere in middle of night with no mobile phone on your own or with another person.

    Thats what im talking about with regards to the games, u get much more fear when noone in your company.

    I guess in fact co-op or with partner does make more INTENSE. I just got my adjective wrong lol
  5. It was me actually #awkward

    I think there needs some clarification here. Games like The Last of Us are no less scary because there's a girl at your side who does nothing. You're essentially still on your own.

    The original Resident Evil was scary as fuck because the partner could maybe shoot something with a pistol but if something was going to be properly dealt with it was down to the player.

    The fear is reduced naturally when there is another person talking to you. But if you're both going in blind it's still unknown and therefore just as scary. If one person ruins the surprises that's when it loses its fear factor, like watching a horror film the second time through is never as scary.

    So I think it can make a difference but if you approach it in the right way coop you can both still fully experience the scares.
  6. yeh but theres the back up aspect. Even with a computer teammate u know that if u get jumped from behind it dont matter as maybe your teammate will take him down, if u die he might revive u..

    If u alone and u get jumped from behind ur fuked lol...and when ur dead ur dead. It just eases the fear imo when u with someone.

    Games like dead space not so scary but be half as scary if u had computer characters teaming up with you etc. Even game like DOOM 3 which was scary at times if u had an army of guys like cod or moh like a squad then u wouldnt get scared.

    Being alone intensifies the fear imo...being with computer controlled allies makes it less scary and being with human coop reduces fear a lot.

    But in saying that still can be scary i played slender man on game share with a mate using chat on ps4..and we were both still scared shtless haha...but we both agreed we could not play the game alone
  7. So to make a thread short, you get scared playing solo. ok cool good to know
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  8. nope. I can get scared solo or coop im just asking others thoughts on the fear factor solo vs with cpu allie vs with human allies.

    u have some kind of problem?
  9. I think you have the same amount of tension if it's an ai character than if you where running solo, you also build a bond with the ai the more you progress to the point it gets tense that something may happen to either of you to end the game.

    It also ramps tension slightly if you are lead away from your partner ala resi 6 graveyard section and need to playthrough to reunite with one another.

    This is irrelevant to what you are asking as it's a completely different scenario to what you would get from playing a survival horror title.

    If your talking about outlast then I agree there would be less tension if you where playing that in co-op.

    But how a game builds tension all depends on how it is developed, dying light could have just been solo play but adding the aspect of drop in/out co-op works in both play styles to build and heighten to a different level.

    Flip what your saying most ai is wank, needs help more than you do and doesn't follow commands as well as having a human player instead, if you need to keep saving your ai partner while watching your own back then this adds more tension than running solo.

    Dead Space isn't scary? The first 20-30 minutes of dead space 2 is creepy as fuck with very little action walking along a hotel corridor with various voices and noises emitting from the rooms had me creeped the fuck out.

    Doom 3 again you are using an mp point of view having numbers in that range is irrelevant to your thread basis.
  10. actually i was reffering to doom3 single player...i think we are getting adjectives mixed up, tension, intense etc...

    What i really mean is pure fear/scariness.....as said imagine in your house tonight someone broke in and u heard them coming in the window....would u be as scared if u had a mate in the house with you? same thing really.
  11. You mentioned a team of army guys ala moh and cod how you word it is the confusion and creates confusion in your example nothing is wrong on my part.

    I live 2 floors up in a flat on a main road where my windows are, scared? For all the people he could choose as his next victim, I'd fucking applaud the serial killer for picking me that's commitment.
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  12. Once you get hold of them and whip out the 12" black mamba and whip they'll wish they brought a mate
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  13. The references to real life highlight the point you seem to be missing.

    If I was getting robbed tonight, would I want Zoe in the house as well?

    On the one hand she could kick the shit out of them, so she would be helping me, thus making the situation less scary for me. If she did nothing and I had to protect her, then it's no less scary me having her there, if anything it's worse given the bond we have (as Tam mentions above).

    It all comes down to whether the AI can actually support you or not. In most true horror games (like the ones I have already mentioned) the AI is either useless, or serves to promote the story rather than the gameplay, and so do not provide a safety blanket at all.

    Games that do have useful AI, I would argue take the genre away from horror and more into an action style game, but that's just me.

    Therefore you can't say that all AI makes games less scary, it simply depends on the game.
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  14. Sounds like a party @brunty house
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  15. na i dont mean a gf etc. Like say you had your hardest mate in the house big 6'5 18 stone rugby player stevie macrugby lol...now what would be more scary someone breaking into your house whilst its late and dark and you are alone or the night when stevie is sleeping over and in the room with you? You got someone to bounce the fear/tension off. You can have each others back, get tooled up, 2 off u..2 is better than 1. Youd feel more confident and stronger.

    As for doom3 ref yeh i was even meaning single player when reffering to cod and moh.

    lets take this example when u play cod sometimes have a mission and u are part of an army maybe 10+ soldiers u all together taking down the enemy. its not scary its just full on shooting and war. Some missions u go in a small squad of say 4 guys inc u, its a bit more intense, a more creepy vibe, but then u might get a mission that involves only 2 of you such as sniper mision in snow or cherynbyl, now the game becomes even more immersive and kinda creepy. Then finally you have lone soldier where its just you on your own taking down the enemy, the game feels more lonely, this loneliness factor imo despite being inside a video game ups the 'scare' factor, especially in scare type games....i guess running around serious sam alone isnt scary its not really a scary game but im just trying to make a point and cant pinpoint the exact word/phrase im looking for but being alone in the game world hiehgtens the tense/scary factor.

    Playing a game like half life 2 would be less scary if you had a cpu controlled buddy or 2. for example.

  16. I am horrified at what i just read. At 23yrs old i would not be sharing a room with Stevie!
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  17. How's the job hunt going @Lordofgames?

    You seem to have way too much time on your hands at the moment. :sneaky:
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  18. Yeah, brunty would get really jealous!
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  19. I'd shit my pants if one of my mates turned up randomly in my house whether I was being robbed or not.

    You're not listening though. Or you are but not understanding.

    No one is suggesting being on your own in a video game isnt naturally tense or scary. It's why most horror games are done solo.

    What people are pointing out though is that sometimes just because there is an AI character in the game it can still feel just as scary. Forget your cods and such. Think about the Resi and Last of Us examples I gave you. They are scary games and not solo. So you're theory isn't right 100% of the time.
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  20. I'm the biggest pussy with scary games but HL2 was NOT scary
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