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partners in horror games reduce fear

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by Lordofgames, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. well better example im playing alan wake and a few times had buddies around me, this was far less scary when im left alone...

    Im not saying it cant be scary with others, i was playing until dawn recently and that was scary even with partners with me....

    ps- nowt wrong with sharing a room with big stevie, he can be personal bodyguard...
  2. Forget the fact that someone is breaking into the house, I'd be more creeped out that stevie is sleeping over and in the same room as me, go into the spare room I like to starfish you big bear you.

    I can't relate playing an action and getting scared, those scenes kick in adrenaline to clear the situation rather than fear of death etc

    The word or phrase isn't your issue as I pointed out your reference to different genres and settings is where you fall down.

    What i mention with outlast and what @MilkyMalky references in both last of us and resi 6 covers what you are saying and explains in simple terms.

    It's the game itself and how it's developed that defines the tension in either a story driven by a solo character or father/son husband/wife combo.

    On reading into this I think I'll go with what's been said that having someone with you heightens the tension more than being solo.

    Case in point if I'm solo I'm fearing for my life, if I was exploring an abandoned building with known killers I'd have a lot more fear for my son than I would myself in which case my tension would be higher than if I was alone.

    I recall playing the walking dead and heavy rain for the first time, solo players but characters linked to the choices I made, I tried my best to create the best possible scenario and had fear of failing by picking the wrong one which raised the tension even more when playing.

    There is different layers to what you are asking, each person has different ways of gaining tension be it milky having his wife there, me with my son or you going solo it all gathers the same end game but might less or more if others where to experience it from your perspective.
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  3. You have way too much time on your hands
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  4. you keep reffering to playing a horror with someone or real life then say but id be more worried for my son or scared for my gf etc...but these games are not like that at all.

    you play resi 6 u got 2 fukin mercs lol!!! 2 mercs better than 1.

    There are 2 kinda arguments here though. or 3 versions of playing.

    1. solo.
    2. with a computer controlled ally
    3. with a real human over internet.

    Take my example with slender man this is a solo game only. Me and my mate played this taking shots each using game share. We were both chatting online whilst playing it yet both scared shtless at times and we agreed no fukin way in hell would either of us play this game alone.
    So that kinda demonstrates how sharing the expereince with another human reduces the fear which is no3.

    no2 doesnt involve sharing fear with a real human so shouldnt have as much effect but imo it does change the vibe of the game. Walking about re6 with your computer controlled ai is less fear than if u have to go solo for example RE4.
  5. Is there any point in people responding to your posts? Would you prefer we all leave and you can discuss with yourself?

    Also quick question, which forum banned you from ever creating a thread again, before you found VGF? Lol :sneaky::sneaky::sneaky:
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  6. That's a completely different example to why you created your thread, tension would be dropped as you have big stevie on the couch trying to give you a rugby tackle.

    Your debate is about whether having an ai partner in game depletes tension not to those around you in the room.

    Solo play, surround sound headset, curtains drawn, lights out, stevie tucked up in another room and playing alien Isolation.. squeaky bum time

    Solo play, TV used for sound, stevie talking about egg shaped balls, lights on, music playing, alien Isolation... No concentration best stick on fifa
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  7. Literally WTF is this argument/discussion?

    Different games are scarier then others, different people get scared more or less/ with or without friends. Not everyone shares the same thoughts and it would be difficult to find someone who shared the same view with every game.

    Talking about big f**king steve sharing a room with you is definitely the most horrifying thing in this thread.
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  8. Yeah that shit me up, I resorted to playing it in bed with headphones with the missus asleep next to me
  9. what did?

    ye this thread got all confused...i just meant at first this

    ''a horror game that has u play as one character solo is more scary than a horror game that has you teaming up with other AI characters''

    all this playing online coop or having big stevie round to comfort u is nothing to do with what i was on about tbh lol
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  10. This is why resi 6 is a bad example to what we are discussing with family, friends etc within a game.

    Heavy rain is based on a child kidnapping which I can relate to story wise as I have children myself, this raises the tension for me when playing the game as a father (both character and real life) I need to make tough decisions to see that the kid is alive end of the game.

    The Walking dead first season also has this aspect it isn't father and daughter but it runs in the same aspect, clementine has been left alone after her mother and father disappear due to the whole zombie thing, as the main character Lee you need to make tough decisions that could help or put clementine in danger.

    Both titles are not horrors but more thrillers and heighten tension with player choices that can be reflected in real life.

    I find that with your age and lack of life experience with this sort of thing you might find a solo project more tense to you, but from my point of view having an ai character I need to keep an eye on or vice versa is a lot more tense than any solo game can bring.
  11. but it seems u are talking about having other characters in game that are good but not helping you directly.

    thats what im specifically on about 2,3,4+ off u all fghting together with guns and so on...for me that will reduce fear compared to only u alone..u are on about storylines and such which is another aspect such as one could say wearing headphones and playing at night, im not talking about these things.

    take a dumb ass horror jump out scary game, lots of zombies, dark rooms, mansions, monsters, minimal plot/storyline and its more scary with no ai partners imo
  12. Let's agree to disagree both have different opinions on the matter I could spend more time banging my head against a wall, but I've said enough on the matter and would rather move onto something that I can see the end to, like a bottle of beer which I'll have soon since I've finished work... Feel I need it after this thread...

  13. lol fiar enough i wouldnt say we disagree/agree i think we both hitting this discussion at different angles, but ill see u at the pub for round 2 mate, cheers defo need it after this clusterfuk hehe
  14. Alan Wake
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  15. bodybuilding.com and studentroom and evoweb and....and...and...lol
  16. u found it scary? or bits alone more scary than when u have a companion? farenheit was also quite scary at points..random info lol
  17. I wasnt meaning to refer to having humans to play games with argument went off course but anywaz...and...

    just wait til u see a pic of stevie then u be even more horrified


    sure to scare of any burglar indeed
  18. You obviously haven't seen @brunty
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  19. lol guess i dont want to now
  20. wanker[1].jpg ;)
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