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Player contact details.

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by deanomcfee91, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. My PSN ID is Craigmanunited, I will join the league ASAP.
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  2. Psn: jackussbaby
    Twitch/YouTube : don't no I don't use them
    Team: Dolphins
  3. @Jackussbaby And @1874Craig can you set up a twitch or YouTube account as it's a requirement to stream home and CPU games
  4. PSN : SA-08
    Twitch : Stuarty_1973
    Team : Eagles

  5. I have a twitch & YouTube account
    But I only watch videos not upload them, I can see into streaming the games live on twitch when I get back home.
    If I'm been honest with you I don't actually know how to stream my games live on twitch but I will find out how to.
  6. Psn: keeno37

    Twitch: originalsyngames

    Team: vikings
  7. Snap. Never streamed.
  8. It's easy guys, set up a twitch account sign into it in the settings on PS4 and then before your game hit the share button on the controller and livestream straight to twitch
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  9. PSN: biglittleroo
  10. Cheers
  11. PSN: JMaestr01
    Twitch: JMaestr01
    Team: Cincinnati Bengals
  12. Sounds easy enough to me.

    PSN : Craigmanunited
    Twitch : 1874Craig
    Team : Texans
  13. PSN : uss_schnitzel
    Twitch : clos124
    Team: Panthers
  14. PSN - craigch102
    Twitch - craigos1905
    Team - Colts
  15. Not even me before i joined VGFL, but i fixed it Twitch linked to ps4 and im 56 years ....so i think you onlinejunkies gonna fix it easy
  16. PSN: StasVII
    Twitch: Stasvii
    Team: Chicago Bears
  17. PSN ID: BillsLegend615
    YOUTUBE/TWITCH: billslegend615
    TEAM: bills please
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  18. Welcome mate I'll sign you up now. I'll send you an invite later this evening.

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