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Player Sign Up

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by Eaglewolfenstein, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. Please fill out the following if you wish to join the VGFL Sim League:

    PSN Name:
    Twitch Channel:
    YouTube Channel:
    Preferred Team:
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  2. Username: Kookiano
    PSN Name: Kookiano
    Twitch Channel: Kookiano
    YouTube Channel: --
    Preferred Team: Raiders
  3. Fernandos24
    Twitch: Fernandos24
    Youtube: ^
    Prefered team: Cardinals
  4. Username: Bartell
    PSN Name: bartell_
    Twitch Channel: Bartell_
    YouTube Channel: Bartell
    Preferred Team: Panthers
    #4 Bartell, Jan 23, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017
  5. Username: myzee3000
    PSN Name: myzee3000
    Twitch Channel: myzee3000
    YouTube Channel: --
    Preferred Team: Chargers
  6. Username: dean
    PSN Name: deanomcfee91
    Twitch Channel: deanomcfee91
    YouTube Channel:
    Preferred Team: Falcons
  7. Username: RobbieBrewis
    PSN Name: RobbieBrewis
    Twitch Channel:
    YouTube Channel: i forgot
    Preferred Team: Cowboys
  8. Username: blitzburgh4891
    PSN Name: blitzburgh4891
    Twitch Channel: blitzburgh4891
    YouTube Channel:
    Preferred Team: steelers
  9. Username: brunty
    PSN Name: brunty135
    Twitch Channel: brunty135
    YouTube Channel: jbscfc1863
    Preferred Team: Rams
  10. Username: Static Gator
    PSN: Static Gator
    Twitch: Static Gator
    YouTube: None
    Preferred team: Packers
  11. Username: dt15
    PSN Name: turner92
    Twitch Channel: dt15
    YouTube Channel: tbc
    Preferred Team: 49ers
  12. Username -yellowbug
    PSN - yellowbug
    Twitch Channel - yellowbug_
    YouTube - yellowbug gaming
    Preferred team - Patriots
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  13. Username: Warlow
    PSN Name: moreno2715
    Twitch Channel:
    YouTube Channel:
    Preferred Team:Seahawks and Broncos but im them in others leagues so ill take the Titans please
  14. Username: Kallax4
    PSN Name: Kallax4
    Twitch Channel:Kallax4
    Team: TB Buccaneers
    #14 Kallax4, Jan 29, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2017
  15. Awesome welcome aboard mate. I'll get the commissioner to send you an invite to the league. Most likely tomorrow due to the time. Have a look through the rules as I'll add you as a league member and there will be a folder of all rules.

    Good to have you in league and any questions please let us know.

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  16. All sorted you should now see the other folders
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  17. @Kallax4 I will send you an invite shortly.
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  18. Ok
  19. Signed in....TB Buccaners
  20. Username:JasonX247
    PSN Name: Deathstar017
    Twitch Channel:JasonX247
    YouTube Channel:
    Preferred Team:Rams but taken so will go with Texans

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