PLaying games high


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Any you guys play baked.

Not done so for ages but had mad session last night...Usually 0.8-1.2 kdr on bf1 but came out with a 2.4....Really don't know how I managed that being so spaced out lol.

And fifa I was owning as guy quit after quick 3 early goals. Another guy I beat only 2-0 but it was like 20-2 shots, though I was to high I kept missing all my shots but my dribbling/creativity seemed improved.

Found some single player games tedious though, trying to play MGSV all that base building and cut scenes and travelling to missions made it feel like a chore when I wanted action. Other games with to many buttons, menu screens and what not were just annoying also. Keep it simple when playing games high I reckon.

Want to try my PSVR next time that should be insane.

So what games you enjoy high and do you think it improves or worsens your performance or for certain type games?

I felt in fifa my defense and finshing was a bit slack but as said dribbling and vision improved. I would plan ahead and try more advanced and interesting passings/skill moves etc that I normally wouldn't do, a bit more risky, player changing and timing tackles etc was a mess though and aiming my shots haha.

In bf1 I think I did better as I was far more patient, when I'm sober I just want involved in action and run about in open areas not caring if I die a I just want to play. BUT I found last night I was far more cautious and patient, Id find areas to hide and sneak out shots then look for new paths and areas to go to cautiously. When sober I just don't do that.


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Not since my uni days....When it was all about 1080 Snowboarding and Tony Hawk's 1 & 2