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Portal Addon

Discussion in 'News & Competitions' started by Wicksy, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. This morning we have added a portal addon, we have moved the forum back to root location on our server rather than being on /community.

    The reason for this is the home page was a little dated and not current with what we do / offer as a forum. this means we can promote current / relevant threads on to the main page to be either part of the image slider or on the article page where you will find all the latest news on up and coming games and news.

    should you have and issues please first delete your browser cache and try again, failing that any issues let us know and will look at for you. this addon is new to us admins also so there will be a little tinkering as we go but hopefully not to much. to get to the main forum list after arriving at VGForums.co.uk please click the forums tab in the top navbar and that will take you to the forum contents.
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