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Discussion in 'Action & Adventure Games' started by ODB, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. We fuck me, its happening!


    It took three years to announce, but now it’s finally official: Arkane Austin is making Prey 2. Except now it’s just calledPrey.

    It’ll be out next year for PS4/Xbox One/PC.

    Prey 2, which was first shown at E3 2011, was in development at a studio called Human Head until Bethesda cancelled it later that year. In May of 2013, we reported that Arkane wasworking on a rebooted version of the game, which would serve as sort of a spiritual successor to System Shock 2. Shortly afterwards, Arkane and Bethesda denied that, but an e-mail provided to Kotaku revealed that it was true. In October of 2014, Bethesda again insisted that Prey 2 had been cancelled, but as we’ve reported, Arkane has been working on the game all along.

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  2. anyone get it, reviews about 70/30

    70 5 stars and 30% 1 stars lol

    on verge of buying
  3. Anyone played this yet? Is it in keeping with the original Prey game?

    It's available under £15 now.
  4. Original (and best) Prey is now Backwards Compatible on XBL (and now on sale)
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