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PS3 Debugging test system

Discussion in 'PS3' started by Waffler18, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Any gamers interested in these
    PS3 - rare TEST console with 60GB hard drive.

    Play imported games from Japan and the United States on a console that also plays UK games!

    This listing consists of the PS3 unit, Sixaxis contrloller, charging cable, HDMI lead and UK 'kettle lead' plug. Please ask if you would prefer me to swap out the HDMI lead for a composite TV lead. You can also make an offer for just the console unit if you don't need the controller and leads.

    The console has will play FIFTEEN different types of game:

    PAL PS1 (black)

    American PS1 (black)

    Japanese PS1 (black)

    PAL PS2 CD (blue)

    American PS2 CD (blue)

    Japanese PS2 CD (blue)

    PAL PS2 DVD (silver)

    American PS2 DVD (silver)

    Japanese PS2 DVD (silver)

    PAL PS2 Dual-layer DVD (silver / gold)

    American PS2 Dual-layer DVD (silver / gold)

    Japanese PS2 Dual-layer DVD (silver / gold)

    PAL PS3

    American PS3

    Japanese PS3

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