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PS4 A guide to changing the drive...

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Riddler_Tam, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    First step is to get the latest firmware for your ps4 this can be found here:


    Choose the option at the bottom perform a new install of the system software make sure it is 750mb+ anything less it is the wrong one. I used a usb stick and worked first time, @Hutchydarts tried with an external drive which failed then a stick which worked first time.

    Second step is to upload your saves to the cloud or a usb external drive and also synch your trophies to psn.

    Third Step here is how to take the casing off covering the seagate drive:

    Fourth Step opening the ps4 to replace the drive:

    Obviously do it with two hands so it doesn't fire off as quick as I did it in the video.

    Fifth Step is taking the drive out and swapping it, you'll notice a screw with the ps icons on it, take this off and the drive slides out.


    Take apart the drive, replace with the seagate and install back into the ps4.

    Sixth Step Using the steps in a new install of the system software follow these to get your PS4 into operation.

    Things to remember make sure you have the most latest firmware, have your usb stick and controller plugged into the console before you switch it on, take your time step by step.

    thanks to @runcorn @Andy_XCite with a few links and pointers which I have used in the thread.
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  2. I would like to point out, that even I could do this, so it's clearly very simple.
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  3. Dan did it without his handyman so must have been piss easy...
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