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PS4 HDD Info & Help Thread

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Bartell, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Hello

    I replaced my 500GB HDD last year with a 1TB HDD and its been fine until recently. Now during games (both disc and digital) games will freeze for about 15-25 seconds where I can do nothing at all. I'm thinking as its digital content it could be a problem reading the data from HDD or just the HDD is starting to fail, it was a HDD I had for a while before installing into the PS4.

    So I'm looking at a replacement and thinking of 2TB - now Sony introduced this back up stuff. Would that mean I can back up to this new drive before installing and all will there there and I just will need to re-register the licenses? I'd much prefer to do this than sit and re-download everything that I've currently got on my HDD.

    If anyone has used this backup feature and replaced I'd like to hear how easy it was :)
  2. Dunno. Hope this helps
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  3. Thanks marra!
  4. I know that @SNIPER___7.62 has replaced his drive he might be able to help you out and also possibly @Shadow Weaver was well as he had a problem with his ps4 as well which led to a drive change.
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  5. When I recently installed my 2TB HDD, my controllers started acting funny -- disconnecting randomly. The system was running slow at times as well -- freezing in mid-game, struggling to move between menus.

    I went into safe mode -- https://support.us.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5044/~/ps4:-safe-mode -- and updated the system software again and it fixed the issues. I think I might have also rebuilt the database at the same time, but I can't quite remember.

    Definitely worth trying those two steps before doing anything more drastic.
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  6. Cool thanks I'll try this first before picking up the new HDD :)
  7. Not tried backing my hard drive up, I don't think it was available when I done mine. Sorry I can't help
  8. Thanks anyway
  9. I also changed my hard drive before the backup feature existed. I had some problems when I installed the new hard drive with some apps closing and some fault messages appearing. I had to reinstall the operating system to fix them. @Shadow Weaver had his original hard drive fail, I think the symptoms were that the PS4 took ages to boot up and was unresponsive once booted.
  10. It's the one I've got. Comes out of the case quite easily once you realise where the clips are hidden (I had to watch a YouTube video).
  11. I had to replace my drive recently for the reasons runcorn mentioned, but before doing so I reinitialised and rebuilt the databases, so there was nothing to transfer. I'm pretty sure you can transfer game data from your old to new HDD before swapping them though.
  12. I've reinstalled the software and even the menu navigation was speeded up. I'm going to rebuild the database but with the warning about it could take hours I think I'll wait until I'm finished gaming on it tonight and set it off overnight

    Hopefully these 2 things help. Appreciate all the comments and help so far :)
  13. @flamingcarrot I re-installed the firmware first of all and it seemed to even speed up some of the menu delays I had experienced from time to time, I then went on and rebuilt the database and I was playing for about 5 hour last night and it didn't seem to happen. I'm going to keep an eye on it the next couple of days before seeing what to do with the HDD.
  14. Sounds good. Glad you've had some success -- I hope it continues.
  15. Anyone recommend the best HDD 2TB drive for me to use? I need to upgrade and want to get it right.
  16. Get the Seagate I linked to above. Should be under £60 and you'll have an 500GB external drive afterwards (perfect for the Wii U with a Y USB cable - that's where mine is now).
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  17. The seagate is back up to £80 but I've found this Samsung 2TB for £69 which seems decent.

    Anyone recommend?

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