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PS4 HDD Info & Help Thread

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Bartell, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Found the seagate for £59 on Argos eBay outlet so I'll get that. That case better be easy to remove Mr Carrot!
  2. Nice. I really need to do this, but I will lose that slient hill demo thingy which is annoying.
  3. @Wolf. It is actually on Argos website as well, might be better as they are doing £5 voucher for > £50 spend.
    Code. 248/9935
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  4. Erm... It's a little tricky. I found a YouTube video that showed me where the clips are. Once you know that, you're sorted.
  5. They have changed the design of the Seagate Hardrive the new 2015 version is £64.72 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Seagate-Expansion-Portable-External-Drive/dp/B00UNA1IE4/ or £59 in Argos http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/2489935.htm#pdpFullProductInformation

    The new enclosure of the 2015 version is meant to be harder to open, mentioned at the bottom of this article http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2014-how-to-cheaply-upgrade-your-ps4-to-2tb search for STEA2000400

    Edit: Didn't see Andy's post, it is the same drive he mentioned.
  6. That's looks a right bugger to get into without damaging anything. I'm sure it'll all go fine but I do wonder if I'd be better off spending an extra tenner on an internal ready drive.
  7. It doesn't look that hard to open

    If you haven't got a plectrum then I found a pallet knife was perfect for opening the old case.
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  8. Quality, that looked a much easier way to open it than the vid I watched. I'm sure I've got a tool similar to that. Cheers all, product reserved at Argos, will pick it up tomorrow and update when I've fitted it.
  9. I picked one of those 2tb drives from Argos today (last day for the £5 voucher).
    Had enough of deleting games just to make room for another.
  10. It's got to be done. 500GB is just stoopid considering the install sizes of these current games.
  11. All done. Very simple except for Sony, the PS4 Update file on their site (a 233mb) is not the right one!!!!
    You need the 790mb (full o/s) update file which I only found on Sony US site (couldn't find on Sony UK).

    Pretty shoddy.
  12. Good to read Andy, I've just got an 8gb sub stick to put all the data onto and will probably try and open up the HDD tomorrow. Was it easy to get into?
  13. Yeah pretty easy, work from the opposite end to the USB (just in case to avoid any possible interface damage).
    I used a knife to open the seam then twisted a flat head screw driver along the gap....easy.
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  14. All done, finally had the time to sit down and finish it today. Surprised how easy the whole process was to be fair.

    The Seagate disc was very easy to get out of the casing in the end, I've popped the old PS4 back into the case and will use it as an external HDD for my TV to fill u with MOTD and other crap.
  15. Just upgraded my drive to 2tb thanks to @runcorn for the argos link £59.99 well spent.

    Took about 10 minutes most fiddly part was the seagate case, flat head screwdriver sorted that.

    Now the longest part downloading my games again with a 5mb connection..
  16. Funny how 2TB now seems tiny.

    Good luck on all the downloading, good job there's a sleep mode.

    I've still got to upgrade my old PS3 HDD with a 360gb I've got laying about somewhere.
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  17. Yeah upgrading was a piece of cake.
    Plus it is nice to be able to use the old PS4 HDD especially as I needed a spare drive.

    Oh and don't worry if the drive makes a noise every so often, mine does and quite a few other people have mentioned it.
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  18. After I download what I have I'm sure it will be.

    Rest mode is where it downloads at its fastest going to be a busy weekend for the console when in it at night.
  19. Saw the wd in asda but would rather stick to what others have tried and tested, the argos reviews for the seagate drive had a mixture of reviews being used either for PC back up, xbox one game playing or ps4 drive replacement all good as well.
  20. I've heard that the WD element isn't suitable as the USB interface is on the drive whereas the seagate has a SATA interface.
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