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PS4 HDD Info & Help Thread

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Bartell, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Have a question about the ps4 hard drive now housed in the seagate case, I have tried installing it to both my vista tower at home and windows 7 pc in the office.

    although both windows install it and I can see it as a device in devices and printers it doesn't show anywhere to open it. Have I missed something to format it before taking out the PS4 or should it just work?

    Not all that fussed if I don't get it working the main reason for buying was upgrading the PS4 drive but find it strange it isn't showing at all.

    On a side note I am down to 16 games to go and I'll be back to where I was before the switch, hasn't been to bad dl wise considering it started at 66 games/dlc on saturday.

    Only downside is I think I have lost my save to the crew wasn't to far in only made it to new york but did a lot of side quests to get my car pretty decent so annoyed with that, had already started the tutorial 3 times already (beta, disc and digital) to do it a fourth is piss.
  2. Was your Crew save file not backed up with PS Plus? You can just redownload to system?

    For the HDD I'd check that the connection inside case to HDD is fine and also maybe worth while checking in disc management on windows in case its there just not "mounted" I did the same as you and I think I had to format from disc management to get it reading in the PC
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  3. No the con of sharing your playstation content it doesn't auto back up when your account is deactivated, learnt that when I was transferring the saves before the switch.

    @Bartell that worked, did an Internet search and found some info on formatting a seagate drive.

    All sorted thanks for the info.
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    #43 Riddler_Tam, Jan 11, 2016
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  4. There is no local save file for The Crew, it is on the ubisoft server.
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  5. Thanks for the heads up I was wondering if I had missed it or deleted it by accident, it hasn't been there all along. Downloading of the game should be finished by the time I get home will test it tonight.
  6. Upgraded my ps4 tae the 2tb hard drive last night. Easy enough 2 do. And cheers tae @Riddler_Tam for the help. Now the dreaded part of re downloading everything.
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  7. Is there a step by step link anywhere? Had a look through quickly but didn't see one, if someone would be so kind as to supply the post number I'll go hunting
  8. Just search for it on tinternet. I used the IGN one I think, there's quite a few decent step guides.
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  9. Done!

    Surprisingly easy to do (when you have Tam walking you through it) and everything redownloaded already. Cracking
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  10. I think that most people on here have used the Seagate from Argos http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/2489935.htm#pdpFullProductInformation or Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Seagate-Ex...rnal-Drive/dp/B00TKFEE5S?ie=UTF8&tag=vg0f1-21 Video on how to open the caddy here http://www.vgforums.co.uk/community/threads/ps4-hdd-info-help-thread.5389/page-2#post-188046 Easy to open and you can pop the old drive in the caddy and have a 500GB portable drive.
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  11. is the samsung better tho over the seagate or you think they are similar spec
  12. There probably isn't much difference between the drives. They are all 5400 rpm so load times wont be improved. I chose the seagate as it is the recommended drive from the Eurogamer article http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2014-how-to-cheaply-upgrade-your-ps4-to-2tb The article also covers read and write speeds of different drives.

    The Seagate drive STEA2000400 seems to be pretty reliable and compatible with the PS4 and I don't think any of the members of VG that have installed it have had any trouble with the drive.
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  13. I bought the Seagate portable from Argos last year - it contained a Samsung HDD when the caddy was opened
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  14. hey guys how does one open the case. I just bought 2tb Seagate external but it seems sealed shut...
  15. Cheers luckily im a guitarist,
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  16. Well this packed in on me. only had it a year so had to go bk to my 500gb drive

  17. damn, they doing external hdd support now though

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