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PS4 Neo

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Nazz, Jun 21, 2016.


Who is getting the PS4 Neo very soon after launch

  1. Me Me Me

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  2. Not me

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  1. The PS4 Neo / PS4.5 is upon us. Who is getting one ?
  2. I'm thinking about it until there is solid information and less speculation it's not concrete as not sure what we're buying into yet.
  3. From what I could gather, it's better for VR, 4k compatible and a bit more powerful. Would that be enough for you to buy? Even I have my doubts about it being truly native 4k. Probably higher definition compared to the current PS4 but probably not true 4k. Also it won't have its own dedicated games. Apparently all Neo games must have a current generation equivalent. Whether that means on the same disc or not is to be seen. If someone doesn't have VR or a 4k telly, I'm not sure how they will benefit.

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    #3 Nazz, Jun 21, 2016
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  4. I'd like it for 4k and more power but that all depends what it's going to do with it compared to the vanilla ps4.

    Haven't got a 4k but would buy one for this their going at decent prices at the moment.

    Also I have an addiction to giving Sony money for games, seems like a no brainer to throw it at a new console as well.
  5. Not me, yet. I quite like the idea of upping the power at shorter intervals than before (ie last gen), basically because I went through about 4 ps3's last gen so I expect a 3-4 year lifespan out of my consoles so when this one goes pop then the Neo is in with a chance.
    I won't be replacing a good working machine with another though, unless I see a really really good deal.

    It is a shame that a lot of games this gen require that little more oomph (eg Just cause, witcher [not as bad] etc..) and hopefully the Neo can give that along with a 60fps experience.

    PS VR is the real question mark though over the requirement for a Neo, but I won't be getting that anytime soon either.
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  6. It WILL NOT be native 4K. I'm in process of building a new PC. Best GPU out there is the GTX 1080. Even one of those doesn't guarantee full 4K and those start at £580 alone
  7. Agreed. Really need to see the specs . Having said that, Uncharted 4 and BF4 looks super nice on 4k telly as it is.

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