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PS4 News

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Boogaloo, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Is there an ITV player on XB1?
    They dropped the ITV player on PS3, it was pretty bad anyway and just used the internet browser.

    All 4 on PS3 is pretty good though so I'm pleased it is finally on PS4.
  2. Compensation for the down time of psn is being rolled out this week:

  3. Oooo...didn't affect me at all! Interesting to see what happens.

    What we going for? Free games? Infamous for me was a cracking freebie!
  4. Extension on plus, now and rentals for 5 days I believe, it wasn't down long enough to warrant a game or anything a day at the most.
  5. I'm not sure why they are bothering, the downtime was not very long and some people didn't even notice ... I didn't have a problem until I logged out and then tried to get back in.
  6. That's been my thoughts as well which is why I don't expect much from it.

    I did that after @ukgrime asked if psn was down, couldn't get back on after that.. Twat :rofl:
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  7. I was surprised when you said they were offering an extension of plus Tam. Didn't think the downtime really warranted it, but hey I suppose it doesn't really cost them much to do that.
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  8. Anyone tried the Nioh demo that appeared on the store this week?

    It is pretty brutal, like Dark souls but harder. o_O
  9. Share factory update 1.08 is available biggest feature to be added is a second track of video footage which can be shown side by side.

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  10. Supposed leak images of the Slim PS4:


    No optical port and I'd miss the light on top of the unit, also don't like the finish it's to similar to the slim PS3, Sony really need to have a word with their design department if this turns out to be true.

    I'll hold off until the 7th of september where they are doing a press conference with rumours of both a slim and neo model being showcased.

    The images themselves could have been photoshopped and it looks far to similar to Sony's media player:

  11. I think it's legit tbh..or one of the best fakes ever

    Only thing that throws me is I don't see the leaning front on the slim, just the box
  12. Legit. Confirmed by this video

    I do wonder why the USB ports on the front are as far apart tho. Seems weird, noticed this on an image I saw

  13. Thought so

    Interesting question though. If these aren't for sale as yet how did this guy manage to get one off gumtree? Why did the person sell it so cheap compared to what he could have got?

    So it's either receiving stolen goods....or its the BS Sony PR machine at work
  14. I vote BS Sony PR machine

    On another note I see US and Canadian PSN price is increasing. The EU blog is remaining quiet on ours. I do recall that the price was increased last year but Sony been Sony wouldn't surprise me at all. Give how much discontent there is at present I wonder how damaging this could be to them.
  15. Distance for the USB ports will be for some sort of attachment or something knowing Sony.

    Yeah saw the increase for na no doubt EU/UK will be next, increase last year was the 30/90 day subs so to be expected on the yearly.
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  16. Fear not @Riddler_Tam this surely makes up for it lol

    Take a look at @Wario64's Tweet:
  17. Sony are pulling all the slim PS4 videos from YouTube upon legal advice.

    They'll be pissed it got leaked a couple of weeks before their event IMO

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