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PS4 News

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Boogaloo, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. looking to provide people with more ways to play, and help them and their families get the most out of their PlayStation 4.

    Last December Nacon and Razer brought two unique pro controllers to PS4, helping our most competitive gamer’s fine tune their set-up for tournament dominance.

    Today, we’re happy to announce we are expanding our officially licensed range with two compact controllers and a unique mini gamepad.


    The three new additions will work with all PS4 models including PS4 Pro, and are expected to launch across the region from November – giving our players more options than ever before.

    Each features a range of core controls including twin sticks, directional pad, triggers, bumpers and L3/R3, SHARE, OPTIONS, PS and action buttons.

    So whether you’re looking for a design to suit your unique grip and playstyle, or interested in an introductory controller for younger family members, there’s a controller for you.

    Nacon Wired Compact Controller


    From Nacon, creator of the successful Revolution Pro Controller for PS4, comes a new compact controller, great for younger players and those with a preference for smaller grips.

    Impressively in addition to a range of core controls, the compact design has a touch pad, stereo headset jack, vibration motors and a 3m long cable. It also features an LED* on the front which can display in-game information such as your player number or health status in compatible games.

    The Wired Compact Controller will launch in November across the region, available in Black, Blue, Grey, Orange and Red colours. Nacon are also simultaneously launching illuminated Green, Red and Blue versions, which feature extra colour LEDs* for a striking translucent look.


    *LEDs have no function with the PlayStation Camera.

    @PLAY Wired Compact Controller


    Our next addition is from well-known gaming accessory maker @PLAY, who have created a different but equally comfortable compact controller.

    The two-toned design features the core controls plus a stereo headset jack, touch pad, vibration motors and comes complete with a 3m cable.

    You can pick it up from December in Blue, Dark Grey, Red and White across the region.

    HORI Wired Mini Gamepad


    Created by Japanese accessory manufacturer HORI, the unique mini gamepad boasts a highly-compact design, making it an ideal introductory PS4 controller for young players.

    The retro inspired design packs in a range of easily accessible core controls, touch pad button and a 3m cable for safe use. You can also simulate a range of touch pad gestures using both sticks.

    Adults and children alike can get to grips with this unique gamepad from the 6th of November, when it will launch across the region in Black, Blue and Red.

    Source playstation blog
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  2. O my days there’s an orange one :clap:
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  3. And let the Beadle hands jokes begin.
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  4. they look fugly as hell
  5. We are excited to share with you the latest addition to our Dualshock 4 wireless controller range.

    The special edition Sunset Orange model will be available at retail in select markets across the region from 14th November – just in time to bring a little gaming heat to the winter nights ahead.


    The controller’s two-toned design offers a stylishly contrasted look as the vibrant orange of the controller’s front is complimented by the dark purple buttons, sticks and back.

    Source playstation blog
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  6. @Hutchydarts will be happy
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  7. Now this is a thing of beauty
  8. Not available in the UK so you're fucked :p
  9. Honestly when will sony learn ffs?

    Amazon.it, Amazon.de, Amazon.es etc etc
  10. Don't know what is going on, controllers being released here are zip, but they're throwing console bundles around like @Millsy does with m&m's at a kids party.

    I knew that would pop up I was just winding up @Hutchydarts as I knew he'd get a ginger boner for the controller :rolleyes:
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  11. Over the last few years we’ve made a number of changes to our family of Apps, as part of an ongoing mission to help our players get the most out of their PS4 – whether at home or on the go.

    In this spirit, we are pleased to announce that the PlayStation App has a new, improved altogether more intuitive design, making it easier than ever to stay connected to your PS4, friends, and the games you love to play.

    For instance, new tabs at the bottom of the screen make it easier and faster to switch between viewing whose online, checking notifications, and keeping up with the latest activities and posts from your friends and the PlayStation community.


    The updated interface also features a new central PS button, which similar to the well-received PS4 Quick Menu, ensures the Apps key features are never more than a touch away.

    From the PS Button menu you’ll have instant access to a whole host of features, from browsing the PS Store and remotely managing PS4 downloads to checking out upcoming events.

    For a more seamless experience between our family of Apps, you can also access PlayStation Messages (Apple Store / Google Play), PlayStation Communities (Apple Store / Google Play) and the all new PS4 Second Screen App (Apple Store / Google Play) via the PS Button menu too.


    For a more bespoke, tailored user experience the PS4 Second Screen now has its own dedicated App too (Apple Store / Google Play). Accessible via the PS Apps quick menu, you can use PS4 Second Screen to navigate your PS4’s menu, use the on-screen keyboard and even view extra content in compatible games, such as map and radars.

    If you don’t already have PS App installed in your mobile devices, it’s free to download through the App Store on iOS 9.0 or later and through Google Play on Android 4.1 or later.


    Source playstation blog
  12. We’re pleased to announce a new Sharefactory update – v3.00 – which includes new themes and a variety of features requested by the community, including camera effects and text/sticker animations.

    First – we’re happy to add two new themes with this update. The first theme is a “comic book-style” theme, which is packed with content including three intro, title and outro clips, eight transitions, three backgrounds, 39 stickers and a comic style font. The second theme is a special one for our PlayStation fans. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Uncharted franchise from Naughty Dog, we’ll have a dedicated theme to honor this critically-acclaimed franchise.

    The new update also includes seven new camera effects. You can use the new “Hollywood-style” effect to add more flair to your edits. Add quake, bounce, stomp, pulse and more to enhance your best gameplay achievements.


    Additionally, Sharefactory’s 3.00 update allows you to add custom animations to your text and stickers. You can choose from many different types of beginning, middle and ending animations on your overlays, as well as control the duration of your text and stickers.

    Other features in this update include:

    • Improved video USB import feature to support more videos
    • Over 20 new transitions and two new filters
    • Audio ducking to automatically lower game clip volume when Commentary is present on Track 2
    • Improved load times
    • New Project view options including Zoom for easier editing
    • UX improvements


    We appreciate the feedback from our fans and we’re always working to update the service by adding new features and enhancements that are highly requested by our fans. It’s always exciting to see how creative PlayStation fans are using Sharefactory, and we look forward to more epic videos from the community. Have fun and happy editing!
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  13. If you’ve ever immersed yourself in your PS4’s settings menus you might have noticed that your experience with the system is highly customisable. From remapping your Dualshock 4 control scheme, to changing the type of Notifications you see on screen, there are a huge array of tweaks you can make to ensure everything is just as you like it. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to get you started…

    1. 3, 2, 1… SHARE!

    Timing is essential to take perfect screenshots. The “Easy Screenshots” feature under [SHARE Button Control Type] in the [Sharing and Broadcasts] menu allows you to capture images with a single click of the SHARE button. We definitely like the “Press and hold” alternative of the “Standard” option but we find the single click one faster and more precise.

    2. Eyes on the prize
    We want to bring the entertaining experience of PlayStation 4 to the broadest audience possible, which is why the system has some features designed to help visually impaired players.


    Under [Accessibility] you will find options such as “Invert Colours”, “Larger Text”, “Bold Text” and “High Contrast”. With “Zoom” you can enlarge a portion of the screen by pressing the PS and the Square buttons at the same time, navigate the screen with the left stick, revert back to the original size of the image by pressing the Circle button when you’re done and jump back in the action. This could prove particularly useful for the games that have menus and interfaces that can be read in between action sequences.

    3. Your DS4, your controls

    Also in [Accessibility], you’ll find “Button Assignments”, which allows you to completely remap the buttons and the sticks of your Dualshock 4. The feature is primarily designed for mobility-impaired players but anyone can take advantage of it. Want to change the configuration of the buttons of a game that doesn’t have the ad-hoc option for that? “Button Assignments” is here for you.

    4. The advantages of your primary PS4

    Activate your PS4 as your primary system using the option “Activate as Your Primary PS4” in [Account Management] to extend the benefits of your PlayStation Plus subscription and the use of your applications to every user on your console (Family on PS4 filters still apply).

    But hey, there’s also something in it for you, dear primary user! You can now enjoy the automatic download of your pre-orders and purchases from PS Store, as well as the option to connect to your PS4 through Remote Play from another device. Just don’t forget to leave your PS4 in Rest Mode.

    5. Features available in Rest Mode
    Sometimes I wonder what I would do without the handy options in [Set Features Available in Rest Mode] under [Power Saving Settings]. Well, my Dualshock 4 would constantly be out of power, for starters!


    • Activate “Supply Power to USB Ports” and plug your DS4 into the console after your gaming sessions to have it fully loaded and ready for your next adventure.
    • Select the checkbox “Keep Application Suspended” to enter Rest Mode without closing any applications; the next time you use PlayStation 4 you will be able to jump right back in the action where you left off, without any loading times.
    • But the crown goes to “Stay Connected to the Internet” that enables the download and upload of data while your system is sleeping. Upload saves to your PS Plus cloud storage and download firmware or game updates automatically; turn on PS4 from a network; manually start downloads on the go using PlayStation Store on any web browser… it works like a charm!
    6. What’s that lock?

    Have you ever seen a little lock in the thumbnail of a game in the dashboard that makes it unplayable? It means that something went wrong with the license that you purchased on PlayStation Store. There’s no need to call the locksmith – just use the option “Restore Licenses” under [Account Management] and after a quick synchronisation with PSN, your game will be available again.

    7. Please do not disturb

    • Want to have more control over which notifications you see on screen? The [Notifications] menu allows you to choose the kind of alerts you receive and also gives you the option to turn them off entirely during the playback of a movie by ticking “Disable Pop-Ups While Playing Video”.
    • Have loads of friends on PSN but only want to be informed when your best buddies go online? Use “Notifications When Friends Go Online” and select their IDs to tailor the alerts around the friends that you care the most.
    8. Log-in options

    • If your PS4 is shared by several users but you are the one that uses the console the most, you might want to check [Login Settings] to make the login process a little bit more personal. Enable “Log In to PS4 Automatically” to skip the user selection screen when firing up the console.
    • “Login Passcode Management” lets you create a four-digit pin code for improved security and privacy.
    • A special treat for those of you with PlayStation Camera: tick “Enable Face Recognition” and your system will recognise your face and automatically log you in.
    9. “Hi, my name is…”

    Do you know that you can give your PS4 a name and even talk it? Check [System] menu and see for yourself. If you want to rename your console, perhaps because you have more than one PS4 in your house, just go to “System Information” and get creative.

    And yes, we said that you can talk to your PS4. Activate “Operate PS4 with Voice” in [Voice Operation Settings] and exclaim “PlayStation!” to a microphone connected to the system (the internal mic of PlayStation Camera works as well), follow the instructions on screen and control the console with your voice.

    10. Safety first

    Are you thinking of trading in your PS4 to upgrade to a PS4 Pro? Don’t forget to do a back-up of your current system first and then initialise it to completely erase your private data from the hard drive. Use the option “Initialise PS4” under [Initialisation] and choose how deep you want the deletion to be.

    • “Quick” is the fastest option but your data could still be retrieved with the use of specialised tools.
    • “Full” takes several hours but guarantees a complete removal of every single byte of information related to you or the other users on the console. Be very careful because the process cannot be stopped and reverted!
    11. This is for the Trophy Hunters

    Have you ever wondered how the system calculates the rarity of a Trophy? A Trophy is considered Ultra Rare if the percentage of players who own the game and have earned it is 5% or below, Very Rare if the figure is between 5% and 15%, Rare if the portion is between 15% and 50% and Common when it goes beyond 50%.

    Speaking of rarity, if you need a little help to unlock that Trophy that is driving you mad use the feature “Search Internet” in the quick menu by pressing the Options button on the name of the Trophy. This will automatically perform a Google search on the PS4 browser which makes it very easy to quickly read a guide (or watch a YouTube video about it) and go straight back to the action using the little trick detailed in pt.12…

    12. Quick swap between apps
    Double tap on the PS button to switch instantly between the last two applications that you were using. This trick works if you are playing a game and using native PS4 apps at the same time, such as PS4 browser, PS Store, What’s New, Live from PlayStation, Capture Gallery, PS Video, Communities, Events, Trophies and PS Plus hub.

    13. PlayStation Plus hub

    Want to have a quick picture of everything related to PS Plus? In the PS Plus hub (the first icon on the left of the PS4 dashboard) you can manage your membership, see your PS Plus games library, including the titles of the month, and check all the benefits and offers included in your subscription.

    14. Alternative ways of typing

    Point and click is not the only way to type words on PS4. Press R3 when the virtual keyboard is on screen, use the motion sensors of the DS4 to navigate smoothly between the letters and press X to type.

    Want a faster method? Swipe your thumb on the touchpad and click on it when you are on the letter that you are looking for.

    Special mention for keyboards – if you have a spare one, plug it into your PS4’s USB port and type away. You can even set your input language and user dictionary in the [Language] menu in the Settings.

    15. Customise Quick Menu

    Press and hold the PS button at any time and the handy Quick Menu will pop up on your screen for immediate access to frequently used features. By selecting [Customise], you can also personalise the slots with the settings that you use most.

    Source playstation blog
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  14. Last October, we announced we were bringing a new range of officially licensed controllers to PS4. Designed to work seamlessly with all PlayStation 4 consoles (including PS4 Pro) and give gamers more ways to play, we wanted to offer a range which reflected the community’s diverse playstyle and help introduce new people to the great games and entertainment available on PS4.

    In this spirit, we are pleased to present the latest addition to our range, the Onyx Wireless Controller from Hori, which will be available across the region* from 15th January.


    In addition to featuring all core controls and direct Bluetooth connectivity**, the Onyx packs into its broad grip design a touch pad, dual vibration motors and offers asymmetrical sticks. As a result, this latest addition to our growing range makes it easier than ever for gamers to find a controller that suits their unique playstyle.


    Let us know in the comments section which officially licensed controller you’re most interested in, and find out more about other PS4 Accessories here.

    *Check with local retailers for availability.

    ** USB cable not included. To charge the controller, use the USB cable supplied with the PS4 system.

    Source playstation blog
  15. Latest PSN news: Can't go a day without a major outage. 3 days on the trot now... shoddy performance given they've only recently put the PS+ subs up. If you're going to enforce "online only" games you really HAVE to make sure the network works. Only just realised this afternoon with it being down how few games now work with it offline. Bit of a shocker.
  16. My issue is network goes down and secondary account has their games locked out, was never an issue on the ps3 when doing it and is a pain in the ass it happens on ps4 now.

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