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PS4 PSN Name Exchange

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Wicksy, Nov 20, 2013.

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  1. Lol quality.
  2. Fallen124Angel - Fallen124Angel - most types of games
  3. A-Ricochet, A--Ricochet mostly fps games but have really hot into gta v this year
  4. Askew - StevePSIV (Killzone)
  5. will be staying the same on PS4 :)

    ps - Hi :D
  6. Same as before: flamingcarrot

    I play all sorts of stuff, but I'll mostly be on Killzone: SF and Battlefield 4 for multiplayer (at least to start with).

    I'm waiting for the next gen version of M.A.G.
  7. Pink_isn't_well-intheflesh91
  8. I just banged out a ton of friend requests. Think I'm going to need to squad up in BF4, after bumbling round the jungle ineptly last night....
  9. might make a new name, tmy ps3 name was from a friend, as he set online up. As i originally didn't have internet in my house at the time haha.
  10. Same as my PS3 username
    runcorn - NoIamSparticus - Play pretty much anything/ BF4

    Only multiplayer game will be BF4 at the start
  11. VGF ID: we_are_samurai
    PSN ID: Zerocool--1
  12. Just found out that I am getting a PS4 on staff sale - woohoo!

    So here's my PS4 ID: Xorro_175

    Not that I've got anything to play yet, except Resogun and Contrast.
  13. ....and Warframe and War Thunder. Plus Black Light Retribution soon. All f2p.
  14. Nazz = Nazz_73 , Play FPS / RPG. Also have a Vita.
  15. I have those too, thanks. Just waiting for BL to become free.

    I just want KZ... nothing else matters lol.
  16. Loads going on AVF for around the £30 mark Xorro.
  17. Thanks Dan, but the other half is buying it for me for Xmas, so I'll have to be patient (what's that?) and wait. And no, I won't be allowed it early :lol:
  18. banzai / bchoi / BF4 and other F2P games. Have Vita too.
  19. Is the Vita just like the PSP? Silly question :)
  20. Nearly except they have taken away the game discs and put a touch screen and touch pad on it.
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