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PS4 PSN Name Exchange

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Wicksy, Nov 20, 2013.

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  1. As much as I want to like remote play for the PS4, the controls are crap (touching the back instead of R1/L1 or whatever the buttons are called). I want to be able to use the DS4 whilst viewing the Vita. Is this possible?

    It appears it is possible..

    from here: - <a class="postlink" href="http://n4g.com/news/1400442/see-how-dualshock-4-can-be-used-on-ps-vita-for-remote-play" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://n4g.com/news/1400442/see-how-dua ... emote-play</a>

    I'm just putting this comment here so people can see it.

    You CAN get it to work with your main account, and here's how.

    So normally when you do remote play, your Vita is signed in to the same account as the PS4, so the DS4 is deactivated.

    It's a little bit of a hassle, but essentially all you need to do is backup your Vita stuff so it's safe, and restore the Vita so it lets you sign in with another account.

    Once the Vita is signed in with another account and you use PS4 Link, it will still find the PS4 which is signed in to your main account. You don't need any sub account on the PS4, you just need to have both devices on 2 different accounts, namely the Vita.

    Once you do this, you can use remote play with the DS4, while using your main account and save data and trophies etc.. And it's FANTASTIC!! I've been doing it for a week now and I just love it.

    Now of course, for someone who is constantly using their Vita, it may not be ideal since you would need to restore it again, then put your profile back on each time. But I don't use mine often so i'm leaving it on that second account for remote play right now.

    Excellent. I suppose you are essentially controlling the PS4 whilst viewing the action on the Vita so I guess this method would need to done in close proximity to the PS4, so it picks up the controller signal?
  2. Does the vita need to be logged in for remote play???

    Seems silly if it does as it basically just using the screen to display stuff off ps4.

    Not got either ps4 or vita yet but want both.
  3. My son decided he also wanted to play Resogun on Saturday morning, so he booted up Remote Play on the Vita. He took control of my ship, much to my bemusement.

    He's not daft, but common sense is not his strongest point. How could we both play on the PS4 at once, I asked? Oh, right, I get it...he says.
  4. Mine is the same

    ukgrime - ukgrime - cod ghosts
  5. Sent a load of requests out today guys hope to game with you soon
  6. changed mine, ps3 name was what a mate created haha.

    Now called Wee_GreenGiant, kinda from wiitalk days. We be playing Bf4, killzone, Fifa, NFs and might get ghosts. Hope to see you lot online
  7. sent a few requests out lads
  8. post one all updated
  9. For anyone who had my old PSN - ryanpgibb its still in use but am now using De-V8 on the PS4 (my plus account so feel free to add it) Playing, Fifa, COD, BF4 and KZ for the time being :thumb:
  10. How you getting on with FIFA mate, see you and DTL in pro club a lot, is it playing ok on that mode.
  11. Cough cough, call yourself admin Wicksy
  12. Gavask - gavask
  13. Hey all! I know it has been a long long time (Sorry!!! Those that knew me from Wiitalk know I like to trott off every now and again!)...

    But I am all a live and well...

    Anyway, Getting a PS4 in a couple of weeks but already have an account. Feel free to add me in preparation and let's start meeting up again! I miss the old Wii game nights we used to have!!!

    Lepruk of course is and forever will be my ID. Feel free to add me now and see you very shortly!!! :D (been logged onto a friend's system so might show me online recently).
  14. Hi luke welcome back to the forum :thumbsup:

    Making the move to next gen, what games are you looking to get with your ps4?
  15. Haha thanks.

    Well I already had one briefly just to be there at launch :D - Sold before Christmas after getting every MP trophy on Killzone (Yup... 100%ed every class!!!! :D).

    I know it got kind of a bad rap, but I really enjoyed Killzone's Multiplayer so will probably grab that again at some point.

    I really fell off end of last gen; I haven't played Tomb Raider, Uncharted 3, Last of Us etc. So all those remakes that people are complaining about; I am really excited for.

    My current wish-list is:

    Lego Marvel (I have this on pc... but Trophies!!!)
    Tomb Raider
    Last of Us

    I may get a second hand console from gumtree or something as can get some great deals; But we will see; if a well priced Last of Us bundle is announced, may go for that.

    I will have the money as of May 28th to get the console and some games so will just see what's about then. (Yes, I am a grown man into Trophies shamefully).
  16. +1

    Admin edit: Signature removed
  17. Dakota what is the URL for in your sig and why is It emailing peoples IP address to you that visit the Link
  18. I'm gonna setup a new American PS4 account tomorrow and use it as my primary gamer account, so a new gamer tag coming. Its not hard to do and the price off games are also cheaper. I am then gonna share the account with rico making most AAA titles around £20 each per a person. Looking at the official PlayStation forum this is not illegal and was designed to allow family members to share Digital games.. so you can only share your account with one other person.

    I should point out I have setup an american Amazon account aswell to buy the digital games from....

    So if you have someone you trust this could be an option for you..
  19. PaulMB73 - PaulMB73 [Racing games mostly pCars/DriveClub/F1 2015, but got into BF4 lately. oh and GTAV]
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