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PS4 Slim and Pro

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Riddler_Tam, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. oh what should I do.

    Had an offer of 200 for my phat ps4..giving a few games away with it I don't play.

    Now with that 200 I can

    A. Buy a slim with COD infinite for 220

    B. Buy a pro with no games for 330.

    Now I don't have a 4k TV BUT I plan to buy PSVR next month.

    VR will be improved with the pro but by how much? ANd 1080p will still look better with the pro?

    But will pro price drop early February etc? maybe pick up 220 then?
  2. Dont go pro without at 4k TV bud just no point. I have a pro and if it wasnt for my 4k hdr tv i would not have bothered. Hell im still trying to see the good in it now. Yes games look great for those first 5 mins of play then it just feels the norm.
    Plus it appears most games are running better on ps4 base model anyway unlike what happened with the xbox one s which seen some framerate improvements.

    I dont have psvr but for me games wont look dramatically different on ps4 pro and this is simply for me down to the market size. If your a dev you aint going to split your psvr market base in half or to one third if u focus making ur game better for pro, as so few will have a pro and psvr.

    Cod is pretty damm good.. just to throw that in there.

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  3. Don't know but at £200 I'd bite their hand off
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  4. I see what you mean!

    I agree that's good points...the graphics are soon forgotten about.

    I bought the old GTA trilogy on ps store sale last week and I'm having a ball, the gfx are poor for these days but I haven't even noticed I'm so enjoying the games and stories and humour etc..Titanfall 2 looks great and I appreciate the gfx and tbh how they can improve that with a pro I don't know but again I think as said the difference will be to minimal for one to be constanly appreciating any improvements....

    So yeh slim the best bet I guess.

    cod is 60 quid so its a free deal really haha
  5. Got the pro and battlefield looks great I do have a problem where my uhd tv screen goes black for a couple of seconds but it only happens once when i first start playing.. This is down to either ps4 pro software or my uhd tv firmware, however I believe all parties are working together to fix this.. Load times are a bit faster on the pro even with a standard hard drive installed but we are talking seconds so nothing special.

    If i had the choice I would still go with the pro as I believe Sony will phase out the standard PlayStation in the future and go with the pro's hardware (but I don't think this will happen overnight). my day one play station sounds like its about to take off these days so I’m sure most day one PlayStation will start going tits up over the next year or two so it will be a natural progression for people to upgrade.

    VR does work better with the pro but don't expect anything amazing.. From what I’ve read it improves frame rates but psvr is locked to1080p per an eye so when it comes to resolution it makes no difference. The extra USB port on the back makes life better if you have PSVR as it keeps all the cables round the back and less cluttered..

    It is totally down to personal preferrence at the end of the day and budget for that matter but I makes sense for developers to use the extra power available to show off their games at the end of the day, then dumb then down for the standard PS4 as I'm sure will happen when the Xbox Scorpio hits the shops. Developer have been using high end pc's to do this every E3 so show demo's ( Ubisoft done this to show of watch dogs ) so to finally have the extra horse power be able to say how good does this look running on an actual console will be good an opotunity to pass up.

    once again these are only my opinions so calm your shit down
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  6. yeh I guess pro will be the one over time.

    ATM though I think buying a slim is best option..then 6 months or so down line upgrade to a pro and an HDTV
  7. Cheers for this, was gonna get the Pro this weekend but if it doesn't make that much difference after the initial surprise it doesn't matter.
    I'll wait till the price drop next quarter. Guess my family will be getting Christmas presents after all lol
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