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PS4 to get Sky Go and Now TV apps later this year

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Wicksy, May 1, 2014.

  1. http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2342600/ps4-to-get-sky-go-and-now-tv-apps-later-this-year

    BRITISH BROADCASTER Sky announced on Thursday that Sky Go and Now TV apps will become available on the Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) games console later this year.

    Sky announced the partnership during its third quarter earnings call on Wednesday, revealing that Now TV will arrive in the PS4 this summer, with Sky Go set to follow later in the year.

    The firm has yet to reveal any further details about the apps, but the announcement means that PS4 owners will soon be able to log into their Sky account to watch TV shows and films through the games console.

    Sky has announced what users will be able to watch, though, saying, "Sky Go includes all six Sky Sports channels, Eurosport, 11 Sky Movies channels, great entertainment from Sky Atlantic and third party channels such as FOX, plus hours of shows from Nickelodeon and others."

    The firm added, "Now TV is the contract-free internet streaming service from Sky that provides instant access to hundreds of films from Sky Movies on demand, pay as you go access to live Sky Sports and must see shows on 10 of the best pay TV channels including Sky1, Sky Atlantic and Sky Living."

    Its latest partnership with Sony wasn't all Sky had to boast about during its earnings call. The firm revealed that it added 70,000 broadband customers during the quarter, along with 74,000 new TV subscribers. However, despite this growth, the firm saw its profits slip, with the broadcaster seeing £623m in profit this quarter, down from £736m a year ago.

    Sky CEO Jerry Darroch was optimistic, however. He said, "We have had a strong third quarter and continued to grow at an accelerated rate as customers respond to the quality and breadth of our offering.

    "Nine months into our plans for the year, we have added almost a third more new paid-for subscription products than in the same period last year."
  2. Sky Go is good news, will mean my parents will definitely be upgrading their device allowance to four :lol:
  3. I think that might have been dropped now mate, I'm sure my dad can use 4 without the extra £5 I'll tell you in a bit I'm going to try it on my ps4
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  4. Sky go is for 2 devices and sky go extra is 4.

    Sky go extra is free if you have multi room subscription but £5 a month if you dont
  5. Bollocks, the Xbox can use a Sky Go standard account. I need to have a word with the parents and get them to upgrade lol
  6. yeah gutted i dont know anyone with sky sports that has multi screen
  7. Apparently you need Extra for the Xbox as well now. I wasn't aware of the change. I guess for £5 a month it's not bad to have Sky on your PS4
  8. I'm sure there are people on here who have Sky who don't use all their slots (or have Go enabled). Sweet talk them Gav...or better yet, blackmail them (give me a slot or I'll block you from the forum) :D
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  9. By the way, if my parents upgrade then I may have one free slot (just to cover my own back). I shall confirm.
  10. My dad has multi room so I now have it up and running, happy days
  11. Likewise. I ditched Sky in favour of Freesat when my Sky TV box stopped working, and wouldn't mind watching some sport over Xmas and whenever Spurs are on.

    Do you have to have Sky TV subscription to get Sky Go? I assume if then have to 'pay as I go' if I wanted to watch Sky Sports?
  12. Ye pay as you go, but why the hell would you want to watch a Spurs ;)
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