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PS4/Xbox 4K gaming help!!!!

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Cpt Blackadder1/BB, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. So i currently have an Xbox1 day one console and PS4 hooked up to my Samsung 1080p tv.

    With all the talk of 4k i want to find out more but the more i dig into it the more muddled the waters get as to what is the best thing to buy.

    First up is i keep seeing that unless you have a TV 50 inches or bigger, you won't notice 4k anyway!!! Is this true ?? Also that your Tv needs to have HDR10 ( High dynamic range for the colours ie black blacks and white whites ) for the screen to really pop!

    I however am moving soon so want to change my gaming set up to a monitor at a desk. There are 4k monitors but none of them have HDR and of course a monitor is much smaller than a 50 inch Tv as it will be about 28 inches to 30 inches only. However the advantage of a monitor over a TV is though that although they don't have HDR they have more features that smooth the picture out.

    If i get a monitor i need to go for an IPS range one ( don't know what that means ) as the others are for twitch gaming whereas the IPS are all about improving colour.

    Even if i get a 4k tv or monitor, the PS4 doesn't support every game in 4k, and the Xbox X will.

    Add to this, tbh i haven't REALLY been impressed by any 4k tv's pictures in the stores, so am i really missing out on 4k at all anyway!!!

    Here's two videos that i found really helpful

    So .... do i wait to buy a PS4 pro XBox X and 4K monitor, or is now the time to start getting into it ?

    For me, there simply isn't a 4K HDR gaming monitor around yet, but for me smooth gameplay at 60fps looks nicer than graphical fidelity, so do the current monitors do that and they will only get better when the Xbox X and Ps4 pro get more common???

    Help What do i do and what have been your experiences of 4k gaming ????
  2. Yo Pete, simple one for me, I have a 49" 4K Samsung I defo notice the 4K piece. HDR10 is supported on all HDR Samsung tv's and with LG they support both however it's the input lag u want to look at, I didn't but have no issues with my Samsung.

    Of monitors for me don't offer the value for the money u need to spend yes freesync etc are nice features if ur kit supports it but they tend still to be ugly looking things. Go tv with 4K HDR the pricing is much better now especially considering summer is upon us.

    I seen an lg for example for £349 the other day 4K HDR etc

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  3. Never gonna get another LG though mate. 3 tvs and a fridge have all gone wrong ( LG's ) but even my cheap as chips tv for my daughter is still going fine after about 8 years! LG used to be phillips so don't be fooled by the name.

    There is one monitor i really have my eye on though, this one.

  4. I've got a 4k samsung tv its one of the earlier ones without HDR .. I think its 48" and you do notice the improved picture quality so don't be put off by the size. I am thinking of upgrading to a bigger HDR tv in the not too distant future and I will defo be getting another samsung. I think the quality is great and the iptv app works spot on.

    I have had Lg before without issue but i may have just been lucky.. The only brand I steer clear of is panosonic! my last tv but one only lasted 14 months and then went bang and i mean bang, I contacted customer support and they said they could fix it but it would be at my expence.

    I also use a 1080p projector from time to time, it also works great but it has to be in a really dark room for the picture to pop. I would love a 4k projector but they cost way way way too much for my budget. I agree with saft1 go 4k hdr tv and don't worry about the size.
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