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ps5+4k gaming?

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by Lordofgames, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. WHen will this become mainstream?

    It was 7 years between ps3 and ps4, which hasnt even been that big a jump graphically for the time frame..

    ps2-ps3 was huge difference.

    Obvs they got ps4pro but thats not full 4k.

    Im not sure how much it would cost to buy a pc to play 4k games atm...but id imagine within 1-2 years it be a decent price and very accessible.

    4k tvs are pretty cheap relatively speaking as well 50 inch for about 600 quid etc.

    But no point in the tv if nothing to use with it.

    Also wont one need to sit very close to get full effects of the 4k res?
  2. There are apps that are on the TV (if it's a smart one) are in 4k, youtube, Netflix etc. And no you don't need to sit close to get the full effects of it you can tell instantly just like you can SD to HD.
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  3. yeh 4k tv i mean 4k gaming sorry
  4. IMO it's not a huge leap. Sure they look better but when you think of those other leaps across console it's different as those looked better than before and were better than before due to processors, new tech, more memory, more skills etc.

    Using a car analogy they were like going from a Lada to a Fiesta, Fiesta to a Beamer. Now it's like sticking a carbon fibre wrap around a sports car that you already own. No difference to the actual unit, just a different look
  5. yeh thats a good anology i guess, resolution will always icnrease now? or it will hit a limit?

    anyway it still takes a $$$$$ pc to play games at 4k so cant see that happening in a 300 quid console for another 3-4 years?

  6. At least

    People guessing the Scorpio is going to be around £600. Honestly I'd be seriously surprised going by what they said but it depends what they are putting into it. An over clocked 970 (£180+) can do 4k so long as you don't expect consistent 60fps and don't have everything set to maximum. That still would be better than any console though
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  7. well they would need to make the games 4k as well though right?

    so what they gonna do release a 1080p version and a 4k one?

    its different on pc cause the game jsut looks like whatever you set it on settings, but console cant do that?

  8. Doubt it. Will be enough room on a blu ray to do it or download a texture pack or something.

    Take PC games. Same file size, you just choose the performance. Assume it will be exactly the same. Capable of pushing more. Old games I assume will have to download it

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