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Qualifying - League Positions

Discussion in 'Project Cars' started by Eaglewolfenstein, May 10, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    Firstly thanks for the interest in joining the league.

    As we nearly have a full roster I would like to open the qualifying to work out what league you will start of in. We will you a fixed car and course to make it fair to all. This may not be the same for the league itself.

    The course and car are as followed:

    TRACK: Hockenheim Short
    CAR: BMW M3 GT

    We will have two open session for this.

    Monday 11th May - 10pm - 11.30pm
    Tuesday 12th May - 10pm - 11.30pm

    If you wish to enter the lobby let us know and we will send out an invite. It will private purely for the reason, we do not want randoms joining and blocking up spaces. When you join, enter the qualifying and submit a time. Please do not return to garage (one of the options when you push start) as it seems this removes your best time, will check to confirm though). Once you are happy with the time, then please let us know and we will log that time down. Of course you can carry on or return the next day, but if you want tot make sure we got the best time at that point then let us know and we will keep note of it.

    Myself and @Wicksy will be in both lobbies to keep note of everything and who has turned up and has not.

    Of course keep to track rules, so no shunting people. If you are not on a fast lap and you see someone coming behind, then please let them past. That I would assume would just be common sense but thought I would mention anyway.

    If you do not submit a time, if we have raced with you before, we will try and make a judgement on where we believe you should be, rather than putting you in the lower league and start lapping people.

    If you are aware what day you will turn up then let us know and we can put names under each time so we can make sure we don't have more than 16 people trying to get in on one session.

    If you have any questions please post below. We will put up car and track hopefully by end of tonight.
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    #1 Eaglewolfenstein, May 10, 2015
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  2. I'll be around both nights, but want to get in early and set a time on Tomorrow.

    PSN is same as my forum name.
  3. Can't wait to take part. I doubt I'll be challenging for the front but it'll be awesome to take part :)
  4. Even if you are in the second league, you will have a chance to get to the top league as the top 2 will go up and bottom 2 from top league will go down.
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  5. I'll probably be around Monday and Tuesday. I'll be on tonight as well if you're around testing tracks and cars
  6. I am thinking Hockenheim Short as the course as it wont need much practice and laps consists of around 1:20 I believe so does not take long to start a new lap if you have a bad one.
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  7. I should be around both nights. Any idea on the car?
  8. Still deciding should be fine to let you know tonight around 11pm or join us tonight and test.
  9. No problems ... Will do!
  10. I'm around if you have room.
  11. Is it your quickest time over either session taken as your time? So if I set quickest Monday and can't better it on Tuesday is Monday's time used?
  12. That's correct mate, quickest time will be the one taken
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  13. So I have realised it will only put your best lap on the board if it a valid lap. Which from testing it means if you slightly go off the track is becomes invalid.

    Harsh but guess it keeps the lap times fair. I went back to Garage and it had the lap time still stored.
  14. @Project Cars League

    I have put up the track and car that will be used for Qualifying. As I stated you can submit times between the Two dates shown above.
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  15. Hello everyone. I can make both if needed. Thx again for the invite and hello fellow racer's
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  16. Welcome @o0-Nizmo-0o Thanks for signing up. Let us know when you want an invite either tomorrow or Tuesday and we will send one across.
  17. Could i do Tuesday please buddy? Just i might be a little busy tomorrow as my brother wants to play COD AW. He dont get on much.
  18. @InsaneBirch with a 1.02 that's going to take some beating.
  19. I'll be around for both nights but will set my time tomorrow.

    What will the settings be regarding tire wear and fuel? As this will effect your outlap due to cold tires and fuel weight decisions come into play.

    PSN name is same as forum name :)
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  20. Fastest time so far after a few laps without setting the car up is 1.02.6

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