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Resident Evil 4, 5 & 6

Discussion in 'Action & Adventure Games' started by Riddler_Tam, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]
    @MilkyMalky the day is finally arriving we have wanted it and it is coming, my Hydra gun is loaded and ready, i know its worthless against ndesu but we'll still fuck him up anyway :cool:

    All 3 games will be available at a decent £15.99 each with resi 6 released first and 4&5 to follow after.

    I can't wait for the 5th game to be released it was one of the best co-op games I've played and gave a lot of laughs for myself and milky, biggest one with means of communication with milky who didn't have a headset by pointing with a laser beam or using the in game voice commands.. Chris i need ammo!!

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    Well up for this, such great memories! Lot's of funny moments, and as you say @Riddler_Tam, Resi 5 was such a great co-op game.

    Up for playing Resi 6 as well, I never thought it was as bad as critics made out. Sure it's not true survival horror, but it's still an enjoyable game in its own right.
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  3. I just need to remember to stay out of the way of the laser beams, you trying to dodge the rolling balls and there is an enemy you always died with that was alien like.. And both of us remembering how to beat weaker and Claire :rofl:

    I'll be up for this as well like you say it wasn't a bad game, it just threw a lot into the mix and gameplay was a bit muddled.

    With resi 5 you could map out strategy with 6 it was all over the place might he different second time around.
  4. Loving this! 4 and 5 were top quality, not sure if I ever got round to playing 6. Looking good though
  5. The new Resident Evil 6 PlayStation 4 gameplay video showcases the Mercenaries Unlimited mode, also known as the Mercenaries No Mercy mode, which was previously only available in the PC version of the game.
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  6. Looks good, I enjoyed the standard mercenaries mode on ps3 can't wait until this is released.
  7. Add it to the list lol!

    When are we catching up to finish Resi 6?
  8. Will make time... between dying light, alienation etc etc :p

    Release date is slated for the 28th of June.
  9. Pre-order for the 5th game is available on the psn store price for the game will be £15.99.
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