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Riddler_Tam - Share Factory Archive

Discussion in 'Gameplay Video Archive' started by Riddler_Tam, Jan 22, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Using this thread to keep a record of my share factory uploads to youtube over a variety of different games.
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  2. Dying Light

    @RobbieBrewis and his attempt... and fail base jumping:

    @RobbieBrewis has @MilkyMalky believe there is something in the car... alarm bells.. well car alarm is ringing but it was all to late:

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  3. Never get's old
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  4. Driveclub

  5. Hustle Kings

    @Wicksy 3 years ago:

    @brunty 2 years ago

    Shot from me 4 years ago

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  6. Blops

    5 years ago

  7. Dying Light

    @Hutchydarts and @dantheman1977 here is that zombie blast from a different angle

    Here is Dan falling from a cliff, same as @RobbieBrewis he misses the bin bags, it was all for nothing as the objective was actually on the cliffside sorry dan

    Before my final confrontation with rias I had to climb a tower to talk with the gsr, nearing the top with meeting @Eaglewolfenstein I missed a ledge and fell 3 flights before grabbing another ledge, my heart skipped a beat as I thought I was dead:

    Dan falling... again down an elevator shaft...
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  8. On the way to an objective with @dantheman1977 we made our way to the motorway, I remembered if I climbed at a certain point over the fence there would be a death drop... I climbed over it and grappled to safety.. but didn't tell dan about it..

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  9. :W*nker:
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  10. Played in @clumsy story last night, switching on of the tower generators, goes to the first one which is fried, pulled off a @RobbieBrewis getting off it.

    Clumsy then mentions why did I not use the zipwire to get down :oops:
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  11. played pro ev my club here is two of my goals from my first game which I won 4-0 against the cpu:

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  12. Pure Pool & Snooker

    Playing @brunty at snooker for the gaming night, I failed to hit the final red and left it parked behind the black to snooker a shot for the red

    Brunty.. I'll let you play on Tam because I know you won't get this shot..

    Tam.. Fuck you brunty...

    @brunty this is the pool match from wednesday where I potted a few balls with fluke shots, much to your annoyance as it was 6 out of 8 balls before you got to play.

    Was a really good match as you manage to claw back for the win.. Shame you can't do the same with fifa and nfl as your shit at those.
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  13. Assault Android Cactus

    Opening 6+ minutes of gameplay:

    Second World Boss:

  14. Trials

    @Hutchydarts first trials game night he arrives on a donkey bike :rofl:

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  15. Dying light

    Played in @ashbeige story last night, we had just finished the pit with a lack of antazin and the virus taking hold we had to head back to the tower slow as fuck.

    On top of the rocks I figure a jump onto the cardboard rooftop is the safest bet, I jump and do a fingertip safe and grab on, to far I'm through it miss I'm dead...

    Ash wasn't that lucky when I turned around this happened:

    It was weird I tried to revive him as I jump down, he springs back up as the virus kicks in I was like wtf :rofl:

    @brunty we defo need to test the mic party chat feature, it's something needed for things like this all the video is missing is me laughing and ash saying oh dear after the fall.
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  16. @MilkyMalky

    In the caves, I got grabbed then could slide and shoot, the angle though would never happen ended up dying:

    Two things big blob guy remote bomb and melee kill, then an enemy with dynamite lunges at me and off the platform :rofl:

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  17. @brunty in a bac mono vs my tuck tuck.. Tuck tuck wins...

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  18. Few resi 6 kills from Chris (redfield not Hyde) campaign with @MilkyMalky also had to be bait with a big fucking snake, I mentioned to milky he best be ready to flip the switch as I ran round.

    on leaving after the boss milky got a shock literally walking into the power source :rolleyes:

    Taking time out from killing b.o.w.s, j'avos and chasing ava we had fun at a playpark...

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