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Roster Requirements

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by deanomcfee91, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. @VGFL Member
    Some coaches are fielding a illegal roster. you can find the minimum roster requirements here: http://www.vgforums.co.uk/threads/roster-management.8668/

    Positions in RED are under the required number regardless of scheme

    Positions in BLACK are scheme dependant so if you reply with the scheme you use i can check whether its legal or not. if you don't know what scheme you use tell me what playbook you use and ill check.

    Players who don't sort the problem and reply here by Thursday 10PM GMT will be subject to a warning.
    Anyone looking to change a players position please make sure you get it approved here:

    If you dont have a FB in your roster and use a backup TE i will be checking their eligibility. Gronk as a FB is a no go.

    Dallas Cowboys - MLB
    New York Giants - MLB
    Washing Redskins - MLB, FB 3-4
    Philadelphia Eagles - MLB, FB 3-4

    NFC West
    Seattle Seahawks - SS, MLB, DE
    Arizona Cardinals -
    LA Rams -
    San Francisco 49ers - MLB

    NFC North
    Green Bay Packers -
    Detroit Lions- FB, MLB, C
    Minnesota Vikings - MLB
    Chicago Bears - MLB

    NFC South
    Atlanta Falcons -
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - MLB
    New Orleans Saints -
    Carolina Panthers - MLB, DE

    AFC East
    New England Patriots - FS, MLB
    Miami Dolphins - TE
    Buffalo Bills - MLB
    New York Jets-

    AFC West
    Kansas City Chiefs - MLB
    Oakland Raiders - MLB
    Denver Broncos - C
    San Diego Chargers - MLB

    AFC North
    Pittsburgh Steelers - DE, MLB
    Cleveland Browns - MLB
    Baltimore Ravens - MLB 3-4
    Cincinnati Bengals - MLB

    AFC South
    Houston Texans -
    Tennessee Titans -MLB
    Indianapolis Colts -MLB, OLB, C
    Jacksonville Jaguars - TE, MLB
  2. I run Attacking 4-3 defence so shouldn't be in breach
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  3. I have 3 tight ends
  4. Sorry buddy my mistake.
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  5. It's ok can you check my roster thou just to make sure I'm at the correct numbers just to make sure
  6. I switched from 4-3 defense to 3-4
  7. Falcons playbook
  8. Is that on defense?
  9. I use 4-3. I Believe it is the Browns playbook. Do i go about getting a Center in via Free Agency or trade?
  10. Free agency or if you have a suitable guy at guard. You can request a position change. Look at the description in the thread.
    Are you the Colts?
  11. Yes i am the colts, I think if im not mistaken im running pretty low on Line men full stop i will just pick one up in free agency
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  12. Falcons Offense. Ravens Defense
  13. Ravens defensive playbook is a 3-4 you need one more MLB
  14. @VGFL Member clocks ticking

    Please reply here if you sort out the problem this way i can check you off the list.
  15. Panthers are using panthers playbook
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  16. Chargers playbook on defense
  17. Sorted mine
  18. Done
  19. Should be good now
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