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Roster Requirements

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by deanomcfee91, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. I added a MLB
  2. I don't think you needed too
  3. What do you need if you run a hybrid scheme? Ive sorted my safeties out.
  4. Missed this call
    Fixing tonight
  5. Running
    Okland offence
    Tampa defence
    What shall i fix?
  6. I released one MLB.
  7. Your good buddy. Tampa is 4-3
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  8. You didn't need to remove anyone @Hiero1994 do you run 3-4 / 4-3
  9. No, I run only 4-3 base.
  10. So the minimum requirement is 3 MLBs. I think you had 3 didn't you?
  11. I had 4.
    That's why you wrote MLB to the Giants.
    I released one today.
    Now I have 3.
  12. I use Steelers playbooks
  13. Patriots Hybrid Scheme:


    NT: Branch, Billings, Brown
    DEs: Flowers, Hamilton (DT), Guy, Wise Jr, Kidder
    OLBs: Gregory, McClellin, Ealy (DE), Rivers
    MLBs: Roberts(OLB), Hightower, Harris, Van Noy


    DT: Branch, Billings, Brown, Hamilton, Guy (DE)
    DE: Wise Jr, Kidder, Flowers, Gregory (OLB), Ealy
    OLBs: McClellin, Roberts, Rivers
    MLBs: Hightower, Harris, Van Noy

    Hopefully this satisfies things.


    P.s. I would suggest that for the future the following two minimums are adjusted:

    1. A 3-4 Defence should have a minimum of 4 DEs
    2. A 4-3 Defence should have a minimum of 4 DTs
  14. I don't know why this isn't like that anyway.
  15. Looks fine mate
  16. Sorted mine.
  17. @VGFL Member last chance today to have the minimum roster requirements.
  18. Saw notification from @deanomcfee91
    Saw it was Roster Requirements
    Panic sets in
    Realised I'm still sorted

    Can you not just tag the guilty people so the innocent get a break from your hounding man! :LOL:
  19. @Bartell I have better shit to do than figure out who has what team and to write there name down individually. I spend a ridiculous amount of time making sure rules are followed so we have a well run, productive league and to also stop problems down the line.
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  20. I'm not helping am I......
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