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Settled in yet?

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by WolfCarnage, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. So now that people have had their PS4's for a bit, what do do think? Has it fulfilled all you expectations?

    How does it play?

    How does the system operate?

    How easy is it to jump into a friends game?

    Tell me something about it.
  2. I'll be honest I think I've played with you guys once. BF4 has been a nightmare and nobody seems to be on when I am. There are no new games that interest me, I'm waiting for PS2 and Diablo 3, it's all been very underwhelming suppose I was expecting too much, I suppose graphically it's slightly better but the gaming experience doesn't seemed to have moved on. Personally once our strikes have stopped I will be buying a PC and will probably only occasionally use the PS4. My brother has an Xbox one and he says similar things in fact he's gone back to his 360 to play SKYRIM.
  3. So do you think that they've maybe released these new consoles too soon? I know the sales figures are impressive but I'm not getting the feel of excitement from people. Maybe it's our age.
  4. PS4 just needs a decent (working) proper game. I've only bought BF4 and that's just been frustrating (althought it does look great and works well occasionally).
    Resogun and Dead Nation were pretty decent free games for a few hours.
    Overall it the console is pretty smooth and you can see the potential is there.

    Mav I don't think I have you on my friends list. I'll add you next time if I remember.
  5. Both consoles have such great potential but lack the games at the minute, I don't think they were released too soon. But lack the software to back them up. Titanfall is best next gen game IMO, It plays and looks great and offers more in the FPS genre. I think both consoles will come into their own in the next 6 to 12 months when true next gen games are finally released. Would I buy both cosoles again knowing what I know now .... YES
  6. That's because you have more money than sense snipes :)

    I like my ps4, do i want more from it? hell yeah!
  7. agreed I bet he has already put a pre-order in with the vr tech from sony :rotfl:

    I have found a glimpse of what sniper would look like playing the vr in his games room:


  8. The only reason I got a PS4 was for Infamous Second son and now I have it I'm happy. COD is just the same as any other, Killzone I've played twice and got bored both times. FIFA is good for a few games with you lot but I wouldn't play it all the time.

  9. Just put my hand up to cover his eyes ... and you have no idea how spot on you were ... haha :pmsl:
  10. Tam you don't know how close that picture is .. lol but iv'e not pre ordered the sony Iv'e built my own lol

    posty whats second son like?????
  11. I don't think the consoles were released to soon as the others were reaching their limit, however they should have had better launch games or at least finished ones, not just graphically but playability. I'm 45 soon and I suppose I've seen it progress from the Spectrum 48k/VIc 20 to today's modern stuff, but you still can't beat playing online with people and if you can't get it right (BF4) then what's the point, I'm not to bothered about single player, that's why I may go back to PC for my MMO hit and multiplayer FPS.
  12. Happy with mine. It does what I want it to do and that's play games on!

    I've only got bf4 and fifa14 and really enjoy them both...they are a step up on their ps3 counterparts.

    As others have said, there is a lack of games out there, but there will be plenty of games coming out in the next 6-12months that will start to make use if the next-gen capabilities.

    I for one am happy :)
  13. I guess I want to know if I'm missing out and by the sounds of it I'm not. There are a few games that I'll be on the look out for but they're miles off yet (The Witcher 3).

    Does it do anything over and above the PS3? Like the party chat? And the Share button? How does all that work? Well or not?
  14. If you've not yet made the jump then there's no real reason to do so just yet...for me I regret buying it when I did, I've hardly touched it as there is nothing new - I had to rebuy FIFA just to get some use out of it. Killzone came with the console but it's sat there sealed and BF4 hasn't been touched in at least a couple of months.

    Have also owned Ghosts which was ok but nothing special and NFS Rivals which was decent but again nothing special.

    I have been waiting for Drive Club and the news that it's been pushed further back is upsetting, as it's the only game on the console I fancy at the moment.
  15. Elf wait until,at least September I say, there will be price drops and deals galore going upto Xmas and hopefully lots of decent games, never got the share button to work, can anyone tell me if I've saved something how I view it before sharing?
  16. Disappointed with the PS4. Not just the lack of games, the lack of tech is also a let down.

    If you think that the PS3 was released in a time when smartphones were a rarity, the PS4 doesn't even let you do things that even the PS3 could do and the menus in some instances are also faster on the PS3.

    If it wasn't for my Sons addiction to Cod Ghosts, I would've sold the console months ago.

    I think you'd have to look very hard to find another Electronic device in the world that has advanced so little in such a long time period.

    Yes the games will improve but that awfully slow menu, I fear, we are stuck with.

    Oh yeah, the controllers lose their charge quickly, the cable entry points, on/off switch and the way the console rocks is completely idiotic and I'm amazed any of this actually got past the design stage.

    Oh yeah, the thumb sticks on both my controllers started to wear after two weeks. Sony willing to repair/replace provided I fund the non refundable postage costs. What a joke, it's all over the net that the controllers thumb sticks are faulty.

    Oh, to add, during a recent game, the PS4 froze completely and wouldn't re load the OS unless I went out and bought a USB stick and updated the OS and software update manually. Sony actually explained that this was the only way to get it working again.

    Other than that, Resogun was fun......for 5 minutes.
  17. I think tbh that for me the PS3 will be my main machine for a bit longer, this was always (in my mind) to be expected what with PS+ still pushing out top games (I really don't care much about playing Tomb raider on PS4 instead of PS3).
    Once the PS+ titles start drying up and the PS4 big hitters start arriving (Destiny, The Division, The Witcher 3) then my PS4 will get more of my time.

    The higher price point of PS4/XB1 games does grate me though and persuades me to wait for price drop, that thought is further aggravated by the fact the prices of last/current gen are the same in the US....rip off Britain/EU at its finest!

    Plus the lack of video/mp3 playback on PS4 is most annoying.

    I don't regret purchase though and tbh most of that is down to the "free" PS+ games.
  18. Nothing to jump ship for yet Wolfe. Both consoles feel rushed, as do the games.
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  20. I was thinking we need to move it somewhere else. Sorry about that mate.

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