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Settled in yet?

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by WolfCarnage, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. PS4 Impressions - a few months on


    Now we have had our PS4's for a good few months now, what are your impressions now?

    Looking back on the original impressions thread I said it was "FUCKING BRILLIANT", I have to say my enthusiasm has waned somewhat since then and I am generally disappointed with it at the moment.

    The only game I really want to play on it at the moment is BF4 and we all know what state that has been in/currently is. I have £80 virtual PSN moolah with nothing to spend it on and there doesn't appear to be anything on the horizon either. In fact I am spending more time on the XB1 at the moment.

    How do you guys feel about the system/games now the launch window is pretty much over?
  2. Re: PS4 Impressions - a few months on

    Loving mine at the moment. Infamous is the best game so far. FIFA is ok to kill abit of time. Not picked up Killzone for a while and some of the free games have been abit hit and miss. Disappointed with Basement Crawl which I thought was single player as well as multi but it's pure multiplayer or local multiplayer.
  3. Few months further down the line and a few more games out... is it starting to feel a bit more matured?? I see very few on my PS3 friendslist when i'm on so assuming most of you went next-gen in the end!
  4. I still stick with my original thoughts - although the future is starting to look brighter, definitely.
  5. Which games in the pipeline you reckon might change it? I know loads i was looking at pre-launch still aren't here yet (DriveClub, The Crew, The Division) but is there anything coming pre-xmas that will have the wow-factor to kick it?
  6. Destiny and DriveClub are the two for me, I'm hoping they will reignite the fire.
  7. Drive Club...lol.
  8. Im lovin mine with last of us remasted out now fantastic game and i reckon The order:1886 will be fantastic :)

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