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Should I get one?

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Realale, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Got to play Carnage at PES, it's a hot date!
  2. I'd strike when the iron is hot and get one now.

    Provided the funds are there then just treat yourself.

    You just don't know what life has in store for you. You or any one of us might be dead by Christmas.
  3. What a cheery thought, thanks for that mate.
    Not a chance, not got the money to lavish on such things. I will wait.
  4. LOL @ Waz. Nice optimistic look out. I’m sure that not playing a PS4 would be the first thing on my mind at the Pearly Gates.

    Cash in your shares now onto card and either trade your PS3 in now or wait. The difference will be menial (£10-20)
  5. Yeah done the trade in thingy, just hope the shares hold price (or go up) till the 31st. I will hang onto the PS3, 2 months isn't going to make a big difference in trade in.
  6. Nearer christmas with a ps4 being a gift idea would the trade in prices not be that little bit lower and you also have to take into account that next gen is a year old next month.

    I ended up putting my dad into the same scenario as you, I spoke to him the day before/after I got my ps4 and he started liking the sound of next gen :rotfl:

    His problem is going from having a big game collection to only a handful of titles at a bit of a crossroads for him, he doesn't use plus (probably thinks it's a maths thing like millsy) so lack of titles buying the console will be light.

    I know he will cave eventually though he loves his gadgets more I talk up what I'm playing more he will want to buy it :rotfl:
  7. If only I had a pound for every time my name is mentioned in a post
  8. Sorry about the cheery Out look but when you've had a few people drop dead that are close to you, your whole outlook on life does change.
  9. We if he does drop dead can I have first dibs on the ps4 you can never have too many
  10. My balance on my Game card stands around £238 now. Either going to get it up to £370 or £400 and trundle into Game. I’ll want FIFA for starters I reckon… if AW is still floating peoples boat, then that. Probably also get another within the bundle so The Last of Us…Evil Within…Battlefield?!?! I’m not sure what to expect from BF so may get that at a later date. Wouldn’t mind seeing what Rivals in like but expect that to be £15 by then anyway!
    What else is due up in the next few months?
  11. Going to give PS3 version a bash first then see if I can be bothered.

    Not played the first 3 lol

  12. Halo Collection....oops wrong console.
  13. Don't worry about missing Far Cry 1-3. They're all stand-alone titles, pretty much.

    Far Cry 4 looks like being the best of the bunch. Based on 3, which was excellent, with extra bells and whistles. What's not to love about an elephant rampage?

  14. Well I'm sort of in the same frame of mind now. This week marks my 20th year at work and I'll get a few quids worth of vouches as my reward. Enough to buy a PS4. Should I? Or should I book a family break for next year somewhere? Help.
  15. Ship the wife and kids (or distractions as I call em) off to some cheap, shoddy holiday park for a week, allowing time for some serious gaming......I like the way you think Ale.
  16. This could be a goer.

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