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Should I get one?

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Realale, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. The PS4 is popular enough now as you already know from the chat. Get one.
  2. That's most in Yarmouth them.
  3. Just had a go on the demo and I thought it was great just like playing the old pro.The players and ball feel like they have some weight and you have to pass around them rather than through them like in Fifa. Think I might have to buy pro for the first time in years.

  4. Could this be the year of a decent Pro Evo and taking back the crown from FIFA? I bloody hope so
  5. It's been a year already and I've managed to hold out this long without being sucked into the hype.

    How much longer should I wait. I still don't see those blockbuster graphics and games that make the jump look impossible to resist.

    And how is each console doing in your homes? Do the kids play them? Do you use them daily? Weekly?

    Convince me, come on I dare you.
  6. Carnage here is my humble opinion.

    I am lucky enough to own both consoles, and I love the pair of them.
    Either me or my wife use at least one of them every day, the ps4 is a clear winner when It come to horse power. Everything it does it does it a little faster, and the graphics are slightly crisper. The xbones graphics aren't poor by any stretch of the imagination, ryse son of Rome is one of the best looking games ever released.

    Both consoles have there own merits but over all the PS4 slightly has the edge for me and I don't know why.

    12 month on would I still buy one?

    Absolutely if you can afford it jump, some of the games look stunning and if you can be arsed setting up a us amazon account you can get the games at a much cheaper price.

    If you do jump I would budget for a bigger hard drive and replace it on day one, as next gen games are massive. it's easy to do and Sony have an official guide to help.

    Hope this helps
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  7. Had my ps4 for 4/5 weeks now and I don't regret the move and justify the wait of not buying on release as I don't think that was the best time to buy but when has any launch console.. Well actually the Nintendo wiI :cool:

    Next gen isn't all about graphics it's about how the new consoles handle the running of a game. For example there is differences in Gta v from ps3/ps4 which shows that the next gen version is superior.

    Overlooking the city from the mountains at day/night is something sweet with the draw distance showcasing mountains, fields, roads and buildings.

    I watched footage of the city blimp and it was like looking down on a living map almost hd Gta for the psone game.

    Although the crew is available for 360 it may not look the prettiest but when you hit free ride mode and can do a run from detroit to Las Vegas in 45 minutes no loading only slight pop up (map is massive bound to have it) draw distance of areas (mentioned twice makes all the difference to gameplay world's I reckon) is something ps3/360 could never do.

    If your looking for graphics infamous ss, driveclub, Gta v, destiny, fifa and cod all hold something over last gen in the graphics department.

    Being first party titles infamous and driveclub show it best, infamous has a living breathing settle to travel around in the early stages you start out in a forest area with a beach travelling to a cabin the detail surrounding it is excellent and is some of the best I've seen so far in a game.

    Driveclub at its core is a arcade racer but the detail in the cars, tracks etc showcase graphics really well, you get a birdseye view before the race starts and the detail in some is very smart, all the more nice to look at when your racing seamless around a track instead of pop up like gt5.

    Using the ps4 interface is so much better to use than the ps3 I actually didn't realise how slow the ps3 was until I went to crossbuy cod for ps3 then ps4.

    Updates, installs, youtube uploads all done in background no messing with game time took me a few weeks to get used to the fact I can play games while it's downloading in the background :oops:

    Live from Playstation forget youtube want to check a unbiased play of a title without raging kids and adults playing go here. Gta v, Cod, wwe 2015, pro ev, beta games, far cry 4 etc being played before release.

    Coupled with regular footage of madden, destiny, fifa, bf4 it can give you a idea of what the game is like from a gamers point of view.

    Don't take video footage seen as proper ingame graphics either resolution can often be blocky even if their trying for a high setting which doesn't show the game at its best.

    Share factory is also a great feature find a glitch, score a world class goal or die a fail on cod the little share button on the controller can capture images or videos. You can also show live feed from cod, fifa etc as part of leagues or shits and giggles as well.

    Party mode is the next thing game chat is old school cross game chat is good and always crystal clear can have full lobbies almost everynight and having a maximum of 8 in lobby is the only downside at the moment. This has been on 360 already but having never played one then this is a seller for me.

    The online experience for me has been better due literally no lag had a few matches on fifa (router settings) and cod (Scottish hosting connection) with lag but nothing gamebreaking and really less often than smooth running.

    Connection is my only worry for you but mainly for downloads 55gb for tlou and sharing but you might not go down that route so may not be a issue.

    Less said about messaging on ps4 as ps3 beats that takes anything from 2-30 minutes to send a message and if it's on a league game like fifa is frustrating 2 hours to sort a lag match of 24 minutes :mad:

    Tbh no titles grabbed me until I saw infamous was hitting the console and what was available lightly wasn't much of a push for me.

    Talk of fifa and cod was my main drive old school I know but I missed the fun of taking part and having a bit of banter, and playing these past 4/5 weeks reflects this as it's been a lot of fun getting back in with this lot again.

    I'm currently on my console from 7pm-1amish everynight always loads of people to play online with, got loads of backlogged games due to psn+ to play offline while I wait to play online.

    I don't regret my purchase and I look forward to a healthy run of titles in 2015.
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  8. My PS4 gets used every day.

    My son is playing it every evening when I get back from work and then I play it later on in the evening.

    Actually I'm having more fun gaming now than I have in years.
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  9. I can't wait for Xmas so I can get mine, it's like being a kid again!
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  10. I use my PS4 almost every day and I am really happy with it. I can't comment on the Xbox as I don't own one but reports are that they are pretty similar with the PS4 having the edge with power and the Xbox having a better OS/features.

    If you have the spare cash burning a hole in your pocket and you see a good deal (there seem to be lots available) then I would say it is worth it. I can't say it is an essential purchase

    The jump in the Graphics isn't as noticeable as it was between PS2-PS3 but draw distance, resolution and framerate(stable) are better. I think Resogun really demonstrates what can be done on this generation compared to the last.

    You now have full 64 player 60 fps Battlefield (framerate is stable 60 most of the time), it does take some time to get used to but it is an improvement.

    Party chat is excellent, you will wonder how the PS3 got along without it.

    There are now games, lots of games, lots of good games.Most genres are catered for, although the two highest rated games on Metacritic were both available on last gen.

    The controller is a vast improvement on the last generation.

    Share button is really good for capturing those moments that you always wanted to capture but never could. The included editing software is cool as well, pretty much a stripped down version of Sony Vegas.

    Messaging is really bad, you can get a notification and then it takes 5 minutes to load the message.

    OS is quite basic, there are a lot of features that are missing that should be present but they are slowly being implemented. The instant-on straight back into the state of the game before standby that they promised still isn't implemented, DNLA isn't present although this can be worked around by using Plex and Proper USB support isn't included.

    The build quality of the controller on launch consoles was an issue, although this is meant to be fixed now.

    Some games are being released too early with many bugs and taking a while to fix. Battlefield 4, Driveclub and the latest Assassins Creed are examples of this. Battlefield is now pretty good, it does still have some issues but for the most part it is fixed.

    There are probably more cons but I can't think of them at the moment.
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  11. Cheers for all the replies,

    It's never been about the money. It's more been about if I need one or would feel like I hadn't used my current PS3 enough. I've still got a stack of games that I want to play and if I get a new console they'd just go to waste.

    A year in and I'm starting to feel the need to play online again. Something which clearly isn't going to happen on my PS3 anymore. My kids now use it more than me to play Teraria and minecraft so the usage is almost down to a few hours a week for me.

    Just waiting for that one killer game though that will make me rush out and buy the new console.
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  12. It's here DESTINY
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  13. Carnage you would be better just chopping those games in for credit/cash and get a few games that float your boat on ps4. GTAV, Driveclub, BF4, COD:AW and Destiny will the be the main core games now and the likes of BF hardline and project cars in Q1 of 2015. If a good deal comes up mate you would be best cutting losses with old PS3 games and just get one.
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  14. What kind of title are you looking for to be released to push it forward?

    Off the top of my head I would think battlefield 4 (or wait on hardline), cod: aw, fifa or pes, driveclub (or wait on project cars) would be enough to tick you over into 2015 and get you started for the other titles being released.

    I didn't have any one title make me want to buy the console tbh it was the community side with titles like cod, fifa and driveclub to take part that I didn't want to miss out on and 4/5 weeks in I haven't been disappointed cod alone I have put in nearly 24 hours of play and don't see it slowing down.

    I don't think next gen is just about shiny new games I can't speak for the 360 but the ps3 interface from partying up, playing games and chatting was getting old hat and while the devs tried to push the console to the limits to meet user demand (which it reached a peak about 2 years ago) it was still the same old things stopping us from enjoying our gaming.

    I was talking to wicks last night and mentioned that this is probably the first cod in *tries to count how many cod games have been out.. to many to list* about 4/5 years that has delivered a smoothish release that hasn't been bogged down with issues with the usual broken comms, laggy games, broken party system.

    I don't think any one killer title is needed for you to get the console I think you could pick up about 3/4 (along with the back catalogue of psn titles if you have been hoarding plus titles) would get you started and keep you busy especially to feed your online hunger with a solid group every night for fifa, cod, destiny, battlefield etc.
  15. I'm waiting for games that won't be released on the PS3.

    BF4, COD, GTAV etc I have all those so don't really feel the pull of playing them again with slight improvements.

    I'm waiting for games like The Witcher 3. That'll probably do it for me. As I said, games that are next generation exclusive.
  16. I totally agree.

    The numbers speak volumes, A month after release there were over 3 million daily players and for the past couple of evenings I have had 22 friends playing the game.

    Once the DLC hits in December I reckon players online will top 30 at least.
  17. Another game I can buy on the PS3 though. I know the experience won't be as smooth or look as nice but that doesn't make me want to go out and spend £350 to play it as opposed to paying £30 and playing it on the PS3.

    Another thing I'm dreading is the downloads. 50GB upwards? How big are the patches? I'd be looking at 10-12 hours just for a game and it's updates. Ouch.
  18. Its entirely up to you if you don't go next Gen.

    The rest of us were online last night having a blast in a team of 6 for hours on end. I looked through my friends list and other teams of 6 were playing the Iron Banner on Destiny, others were teamed up doing the Raid on normal and others on Hard. I had about 8 friends partied up playing Cod AW, probably in a private Lobby having a blast.

    This is what gaming is about. Partying up with friends, communicating via the Comms and just having fun.

    I don't think there's much more you can say, at the moment if my PS4 broke, I'd be absolutely gutted.

    If you keep coming up with reasons why you shouldn't buy a next Gen console then you will never buy one. Look at the reasons why you should buy one, starting with the things I have mentioned above.
  19. Sounds like I'm trying my hardest not to buy one but that's not really the case. I just want to make sure it doesn't sit under my tv not being used.

    I hate the thought of letting go of my current PS3.

    The pull is starting to take, I'm feeling the need for online gaming again with people on the forum.

    It's a matter of when really.
  20. I might do it today

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