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Sky Super 6 VGForums Predictor League

Discussion in 'Sport' started by Bartell, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Hi all @Registered

    I've set up a Sky Super 6 VGForums Predictor League for those who would wish to take part.

    Sign in to SkyBet on the Super 6 website on https://super6.skysports.com then chose leagues, join league and the league pin is 6FLYJ3

    There is obviously apps from Apple/Google to play this on your phone

    @Wicksy could you do that thing where you tag all registered users again lol Cheers

    Thanks and good luck if you join!
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    #1 Bartell, Jul 28, 2015
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  2. Depends if Gav gets his finger out and gets the predictor mod done on here!
  3. Mod isn't a available on this forum software foz as its not supported anymore.
  4. I'm in :)
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  5. What's the user ID? I assume this is the league name. What is it?
  6. Did you log in first? If not you'll need to sign up and sign in then join using the league code
  7. Hooray. I've joined and am currently in 0th place.
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  8. Gay
  9. Joined....I am DickCheese71
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  10. I'm in using me mams name I forgot my details a couple of year ago and never managed to retrieve them
  11. Anyone up for putting a couple of quid in each if we get enough people winner takes all?
  12. That's me joined.
  13. Even though you're a Geordie yes mate feel free to join lol the more the better
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  14. haha cheers :)
    Good signing that M'Vila use got!
  15. Yeah mate. Really pleased with him. Others seem solid too!
  16. Gonna be a tough season, hopefully the two north east teams won't be at the wrong end of the table this time round. Although we are needing revenge on your lot this time ;)
  17. Tough but exciting season I think. The defeat for us is long overdue like but last few year have been good for derbies for me lol

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