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Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by Lordofgames, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. anyone played this and thoughts?

    looks really good but early access does that mean if i buy now when full game comes out i get it cheaper or for free or i still need to pay full price?

  2. Own all 3.

    Subnautica looks great...however despite promising over a year ago (and despite some saying it does) the dev has not added pad support. For a title that supports VR then that's fucking ludicrous

    Stranded deep is good, had a lot of fun with that. Doesn't technically support pad but it does semi work. I got myself a powered raft all built then lost it all in last update. Only issue would be in the update it removed the beginning section so instead of a plans crash you are part of it now opens with you just floating on a raft. Kind of takes away the survival need a bit for me. Very easy to pick up and play though

    The forest is brilliant. Looks great, is very smooth and supports pad...however pad fails continually and you have to reboot the game. I've posted a few times on the forest thread on here. Only problem is the game isn't finished so it has no end purpose currently. Starts with plane crash and son being taken. There's no way of getting the son back currently. Also the building mechanics need a bit of a fix
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  3. ok so worth buying/playing? As for pad issues cant u just use xpadder or something...is subnautica actually any fun though?

  4. No idea...haven't played it and CBA setting up xpadder. Should have native support as promised
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