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Taken FAs

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by deanomcfee91, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. @VGFL Member

    If the cpu has signed some of your FA's

    please respond here with the player and team that took them and i will use my other account to release them all
  2. Alex smith seahawks
  3. Eli Manning Colts
  4. Seahawks signed:

    Andrew Tiller - (Rams FA)
    Jed Flynn (Chiefs FA)
    Kyle Van Noy (Packers FA)
    T.J. Kendall (Texans FA)

    @Fraser Oliver also signed Phil Dawson (Vikings FA) and Corey Moore

    @RobbieBrewis also signed Harris Mann and Andrew Franks

    TUT TUT Both of you. They need dropping before week 2.

    Raiders, Giants and Jets signed additional players but did not have a full allocation of FAs so are still within the 2 man limit.
  5. Cheers @dwevans

    @RobbieBrewis @Fraser Oliver please remove said free agents. I beleive you may have had auto fill roster on.

    @Dobko @Hiero1994 @leboom16
    I know you guys didn't have full or any allocated FA's. This isn't a problem this time but please follow the systems we put in place this is how we keep the game fair for everyone.
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  6. @VGFL Member all FA's that i have been informed about have been released
  7. I may indeed have had auto on. Will fix when home
  8. Ravens have signed my fa RT Trent brown and the kicker Phil Dawson is nowhere to be found either

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