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The Beer Thread

Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by Millsy, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. I went to The Hooky Beer Festival again this year, tried some lovely beers, don't think I had a bad one.
  2. Anchor makes some solid beers. That steam beer is the only beer in the world that can (legally) be called as such, as they own the copyright. And that Liberty Ale is considered one of the first real IPAs in the U.S., even though by today's standards it falls closer to a regular pale.

    I may be paying a visit to Kona brewing in December...
  3. Does everybody else get worse hangovers as they get older or is it only me?
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  4. Just you :) although it now takes me far less beers to feel a bit wobbly. Like 2 or 3........what's that all about?
  5. Old age mate, I find that sleep after a good session doesn't count and I need 2 days to get over it!
  6. Still takes me the same amount to get legless but the hangovers get worse with age for sure. If i go on a proper blowout you can write the next 2 days off for sure now. Shocking :( Sleep does nothing. A fry up the morning after takes a bit of the edge off but water/tablets etc do stuff all.
  7. I'm still at a 5 strong beer limit. Its been a strict one. Hasn't been more or less.
  8. Been to my boss's Dad's funeral today and had 6 pints of London Pride at the wake, let's see how I am tomorrow?
  9. I was OK by the way, thanks for the concern[GRINNING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]
  10. 1 Peroni
    2 Corona
  11. When considering beers, nowadays, given the fact that I am of "a certain age", I tend to favour "session" beers. There's no point hitting the heavy duty stuff and being out of the game (or asleep in my case) halfway through the evening.

    My personal favourites:

    Adnams Southwold Bitter
    Fullers London Pride
    Timothy Taylors Landlord
    Shepherd Neame Spitfire

    Those are in no particular order.
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  12. With you on the session beers things. Made the mistake of going into a Brewdog during a night out the other week and it totally screwed things up. Way too strong (after 5-6 beers beforehand) and had to bail out and hit the whiskies from then on. Best session beer that night that i can remember was Ruddles (4am finishes on a Tuesday night haha. painful)
  13. Don't forget the Doom Bar!
  14. Brewdog after 5-6, yee gods! Went to the first in Edinburgh a couple years back. Had the Tokyo at over 18%. Have a bottle of that in my basement Another guy there had the Sink the Bismarck at like some absurd 40%. One drink and he couldn't find his way back to the bus stop.

    Still like their beer, though. Session beers are all the rage here in the US now as are sour-types like goses and berliner-weisses. You get some good stuff out of those. Session IPAs are fun if you're into citrus hops.
  15. I was down on the Devon & Cornwall borders a few weeks back and chanced upon Jail Ale, made by the Dartmoor Bewery, which I found a tad more fulfilling than Doom Bar.
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  16. Its beer week in my faire city and tonight is one of the marquee events of the week, a 45 tap extravaganza at $5 a pint.

    Send help tomorrow morning.
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  17. I've become addicted to Warsteiner Pilsner.

    The problem is that I bringbit back from Germany which costs me pennies but in this country its a lot more!

    Also developed a taste for wiesen beer. It's so unusual. Certainly an acquired taste
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