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The Gravy and Chippy Thread

Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by lvposty, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Vote here for your best Gravy.

    Mine goes to KFC.
  2. Re: The Gravy Thread

    I didn't even know that KFC did gravy, need to check that shit out!
    Anyway as I have said before, Oxo is the King - Full Stop!
  3. Re: The Gravy Thread

    Older generations normally go for Oxo. My Grandad loves Oxo and won't have anything else. :finger:
  4. Re: The Gravy Thread

    Cheeky git :finger:
  5. Re: The Gravy Thread

    You got to try KFC with the Boneless Bucket.
  6. Re: The Gravy Thread

    Campaign for real gravy, none of this packet shite or congealed baby food in a carton.

    http://www.realgravy.co.uk/ :rotfl:
  7. Re: The Gravy Thread

    KFC is real Gravy when it's made in the depo. They just freeze it when they send it.
  8. Re: The Gravy Thread

    Yeah, had a boneless bucket a couple of weeks ago but thought you could only have corn, coleslaw or beans as a side. Bring on the gravy!
  9. Re: The Gravy Thread

    You will be telling me they sell real chicken next ;) :rotfl:
  10. Re: The Gravy Thread

    Don't think its regional you should be able to get it.
  11. Re: The Gravy Thread

    This ain't a chicken thread it's a gravy thread. I will start a KFC thread if it will make you happy.
  12. Re: The Gravy Thread

    PMSL, post whore
  13. Re: The Gravy Thread

    We might have to start a food and drink section at this rate, mmm there's an idea. (Stumbles off to start a drink thread......)
  14. Re: The Gravy Thread

    Need to get my posts up some how. Looks like if i go inactive Realae will kick me from the Clan lol.
  15. Re: The Gravy Thread

    Chigga hasd got a Mcdonalds.gif that he can add as a smily lol.
  16. Re: The Gravy Thread

    Not big into gravy. Real gravy out of the grimy stuff at the bottom of the roasting tin wins anyway.
  17. Re: The Gravy Thread

    This is true but it only really works with Beef dripping.
  18. Re: The Gravy Thread

    Wish they did curry sauce as a side pot. I'm not northern so not a huge fan of gravy unless it's with a yorkie!
  19. Re: The Gravy Thread

    You eat dogs with Gravy????? You sick fucker!!!!
  20. Re: The Gravy Thread

    Is it true that the chippies in the south don't sell gravy, what about pea wet & bean wet,scraps, smack

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