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The HALO Thread

Discussion in 'First & Third Person Shooter Games' started by KAOSXIX, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Sorry mate laura was playing plants vs zombies until midnight. How you finding it ?
  2. I played the first 2 missions in heroic and it was grand. Weapons feel slightly different... the assault riffle is much better. Stepped into some slayer and got a doing. Keep pressing the wrong button for melee. I'll get there tho... they've all had a start on me.
  3. Yeah, you'll be dropshotting in no time.
  4. TBH would have jumped on the PlayStation last night if anyone had been on BF4 or SWBF. Gav was there but would have been on with my unfriend.

    Talking of him, all the Destiny boys would love Halo 5. Bet it's the game Bungie wish they were still making.
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  5. Halo 5 tonight then boys?
  6. Off out for a meal tonight with rico and his missus
  7. I thought you were his missus?
  8. Busted
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  9. How you boys finding halo then?
  10. Finding it quite tough. Campaign is the hardest for a while. You can't go running into the big battles like you could in 4.

    I've only played a few games of MP on Slayer and am generally getting owned. I've tended to be a Day 1 Halo owner, but everyone has the jump on me this time. Getting better tho.

    Overall it's beautiful and runs perfectly.
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  11. Where where you.
  12. Went on at about half ten and no you. Played some Battlefront with @Crumpers and Housey (which was fun) then went back to the Xbone, played a game of Warzone and still no you.
  13. Master Chief Collection (inc Halo Reach) announces for PC

    @Eaglewolfenstein you want to get on that mate
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