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The Man's Thread

Discussion in 'The Banter Yard' started by WolfCarnage, May 15, 2011.

  1. Those of you who like stuff such as Bumbash Mountain and Something Shores need not look at this thread.

    I've been shaving (yes it suprised me too) with the mint source gel and it's the best stuff I've used yet. That coupled with the new Gillette 5 blade thingy I've got one smooth face. Just thought you might like to know.
  2. Ahh, the old badger brush, never used that myself as i use the gel, when i can bebothered to shave, i like to leave it a week, then pull my face off when i finally get round to it.
  3. I use the following for my morning grooming session:




    The oil is quite mentholy to Bang's slight peppery tones! Very refreshing indeed.

    *no moisturiser here, I'm a bloke! :mrgreen:
  4. i bet you have a litre of Nivea for men if we were to look in your cabinet Ty :lol:
  5. Hey, that Blue Beard stuff looks alright!
  6. I'm getting images of Christian Bale in American Psycho doing the morning cleanse Wazza! :D
  7. I shave with Gillete Mach 5, not to bothered about teh shaving cream. Nice bit of Paco Robanne 1 million, all good :D
  8. Real men, what a loaf of pussy's I shave with Rambo's knife lube up with Duckhams then splash on some HI Karate
  9. Real men use Brut or Fox piss
  10. Haha, good old Brut!

    I'm on Nivea Sensitive Gel at the minute...and it's pretty pish really. Usually use the normal stuff with the Fusion (5 blade beast) then Nivea balm.

    Then get some Old Spice on!
  11. This ain't no mans thread. Real men don't shave! when I shave (which ain't often) I use just water and a razer I have had probably 5 years. None of this mincing because your worth it bollox.

    you lot need to go wrestle a crocodile or something :lol:
  12. Oh that babylist beard trimmer is pretty good
  13. pmsl nice one mate.

  14. You know what Stu, the best shave I've ever given myself was when using shower gel.

    I don't understand why I use actual shaving gel still... habit I suppose
  15. These Badger brushes.......how do you know they're not made of arse hair?
  16. I use Shaving cream with a pure Badge brush. Can't use anything else now. They're all a load of shit.

    I own a Merkur double edged razor however it can be unforgiving when you just want a quick, ready for work shave. I use my 4 blade titanium cartridge razor for my day to day.
  17. Coz the hairs are straight :mrgreen:
  18. Could have come from a hedgehog... ;)
  19. Good point, I was thinking human hair :p

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