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The Pile of Shame Club

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by ODB, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Shadow of Mordor done
  2. Done about 8/9 story missions, got to one where I had to infiltrate and capture 3/4 captains.... Spawn, die, spawn, die.. Eventually gave up altogether

    Great game, nemesis system is very good but I just couldn't get a handle on it for progressing further into the game.
  3. Yeah it can be very repetitive that's for sure
    Plus killing captains starts to feel pointless when you just get new ones
  4. Sniper Elite v2 done
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  5. Bulletstorm

    Meh. A ton of issues for a remastered game. Numerous crashes, frame rate slow downs, loading issues and loads of cut scene bugs that either don't show you what's going on or you see it but with no audio or even subtitles

    Average game at absolute best but quick to go through
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  6. Yeah shame about the state of Bulletstorm as it awesome game which deserves better.
    Shameless cash grab, probably to pay for the screw-up that is Battleborn.
  7. Rise of the Tomb Raider done

    Tip...if you hate it stop doing the tombs and just play main campaign. Makes it much better
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  8. Uncharted: Lost Legacy done

    Good game
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  9. Battlefield Bad Company 1

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  10. And Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Bloody good game...needs a sequel
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  11. Working my way through Zelda BOTW, gonna take fucking months
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  12. It took me about a week to do the first level so I reckon months is about right
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  13. Finished crash bandicoot and on the third world of the second.

    A lot tougher than I remember it, developers said they made it that way, play a few levels at a time, looking forward to the third as that was my main one to play.

    On the final league of wipeout HD and started the second league on fury, enjoy the mix up of races, time trials and elimination matches, the game is awesome
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  14. Finished stealth Inc, had 3 levels and a boss left on the lost clones dlc, neat little platformer and puzzle game.
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  15. Not really on the pile but I replayed Battlefield 3 campaign

    It's more of a tech demo than a campaign
  16. Moved onto stealth Inc 2, had started it last year and lost my way where I was, found my rhythm though and now onto sector 3.

    Adds a factory to navigate split into areas which have levels dotted around each area, they added tech to use to reach higher platforms etc which adds to the gameplay.

    Looking at the map I'll be playing this for a few weeks I reckon.
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  17. Uncharted 4 finally finished, blitzed through 16 chapters, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

    Got lost a little with the Jeep and open areas in the jungle, liked the co-op sections with elena more than sam and sully.

    Graphics and sound are fantastic best I've seen in a game, had a moment with a scene transition to gameplay didn't notice and Nathan died, some of the detail is great very lifelike.

    Next up... The last of us.. At last
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  18. Yakuza 0

    One of the weirdest but best games I've ever played. Sunk some serious hours into this but I seriously enjoyed it
  19. 50% save and about 15 hours into lego marvel, currently mopping up collectibles in freeplay mode got 4 levels left, then I have manhattan to travel around for more collectibles...
  20. Old Blood done

    Got fucking weird at the end
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