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The Pile of Shame Club

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by ODB, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Finally playing last of us, I can't wait to finally finish it.

    There is times where I think nice great game, then there is others I think this is shit.

    Story characters and graphics are great, AI is worse I've seen in a naughty dog game.

    Just finished bills town, bill is a dick, let's stealthly head through town for an engine.. Bill shot randomly twice and we got ambushed :rolleyes:

    Had to adjust to the fight mechanics which compared to uncharted are pretty poor and those can be bad at times as well.

    Clickers are ***** and what is the point of AI support if their going to keep getting captured and you need to save them.

    Scene with the fridge where what happens is out of your control except shooting enemies upside down... annoying, died countless times as ellie is a slow ass.

    So, yes, finally started the game just awesome.
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  2. Best game eva
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  3. It's a good game, but not the best ever, far to much hype but that's just my opinion :rolleyes:
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  4. I concur, massively overrated. Average at best
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  5. You two are weirdos. Amazing game!!!
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  6. That's because it's the only one you have ever completed
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  7. It isn't all that I've played far better games that have gripped me, naughty dog titles being an example.

    Another for survival horror and action is dying light, enjoyed that far more than I have last of us, just something about it that says it's good but not great.
  8. Thing people always come back to with TLOU is how great and moving the story is. Despite it being one big cliche and the story being a replication of a dozen other things.

    Giant over the top bromance that it is, Gears of War had a far larger emotional impact with the obvious story of TLOU

    You need to complete it Tam, just so you can see it for what it is

    1 great level though I give them that
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  9. I'll get there but it gives me zero motivation to play everytime I load it up, on the other hand I couldn't wait to play dying light and most recently horizon zero dawn after saving the previous night.
  10. shut the fuck up, you have no idea what you are talking about. Best game eva.
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  11. I got lambasted for saying it was good not great, glad to see I'm not the only one!
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  12. If it wasn't ND people would be truthful with themselves
  13. I can't put my finger on it, my mind might change by the end, but right now I just don't feel it.

    If it was ubisoft it would be a broken ass game and a shell of what it looked like at E3 :rolleyes:
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  14. Not sure where I stand with it.

    Most underrated part is the MP.
  15. Looking forward to TLoU2
  16. I'm pretty sure milky does :rolleyes:

    Not giving it my time, I'll play the sp then delete.
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  17. Granted, the MP was a bit meh.
  18. The MP tactically is great. Limited munitions, work for the advantage and team work is key. However, is a slog to get used to
  19. a fortnight shy of 3 years later, I have finally completed Far Cry 4
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  20. Took just over 3 years since I got last of us with my original PS4 as a digital code but I started and I finished it... Thank fuck for that, deleted back to my library to be lost and forgotten :rolleyes:
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