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The Pile of Shame Club

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by ODB, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. I'll try for the plat... when you go for the lego batman 3 plat :Double finger:
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  2. Fuck off :LOL::LOL::LOL:
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  3. Call yourself a trophy hunter

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  4. Shadow of the Colossus

    Good game. Very unusual. Absolutely beautiful too.

    My only criticism is there are huge landscapes as far as the eye can see....but nothing in them. Needed more.
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  5. God of war III finished all the gods vanquished look forward to playing it again in the norse land.

    Now onto beyond two souls, enjoyed heavy rain and liking this so far.
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  6. Beyond two souls complete story, voice work and acting all great.

    Some of the gameplay was muddled though action sequences with locked camera angles made for some frustrating play.

    Look forward to Detroit

    Now.. Whats next :rolleyes:
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  7. Another title off the list by finishing Soma, seems similar to alien isolation but I enjoyed this a lot more, good gameplay with some neat puzzles to progress through each area.

    Next up abzu, has pro support it looks excellent playing for playing, nothing to taxing gameplay wise lot more exploration than anything else.

    defo reminds me of endless ocean on the wii, arika and Nintendo need to sort out another game for the switch it would look and play awesome.
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  8. Abzu done great game relaxing and nothing taxing just explore and clear areas from start to finish.

    Also got the platinum on late shift, fmv interactive game more choices than telltale and going through multiple times choices that matter.

    Next up I'm going on a Journey...
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  9. Thought you had played Journey?
  10. Not yet mate one I always wanted to play on PS3 but was unsure about.
  11. Ah ok

    It's a good game. Bar the bit I wasted an hour on lost
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  12. I enjoyed flower and flow so looking forward to this one, another off the list :rolleyes:

  13. Flower is uber gay

    I loved it
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  14. Journey was awesome, graphics and soundtrack are excellent, met four others on my journey the snow area especially was good as they followed me each step with high winds blowing us away.

    Next stop the park...
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  15. GTA V Done.

    Might mop up some collectibles stuff but likely can't be arsed.

    Might try and steal a jet fighter though
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  16. The park was a good walking game with various rides to go on which gives segments of stories, the end chapter was creepy in the haunted house with some silly jump scares.

    Started slender the arrival after that.. You see the theme.. Found it a bit off at first, to look for 8 notes in 10 different places with slenderman stalking you at a higher pace with each note you find.. Unknown to me the notes change spot each time you die.

    Chapters don't last very long all depending how quickly you can find the objective, the latest one I was to close all windows and doors and make my way to the bedroom and hide.. The last door slenderman appeared and I ran away to the room.. Ended up stuck in there with him, fade to black chapter over.. Playing in the dark with the sound up creepy as fuck.

  17. Didn't realise The park was a walking sim?

    Fuck slenderman. I'd shite myself
  18. I'd class it as one there is no enemy or a way to die, you explore the area and interact with things to learn about the history of the park and eventual reason why the main character is there.

    You'd best stay away, nerves would be away to fuck playing this.. Although if you ever need rid of constipation give it a go..
  19. Currently playing life is strange before the storm, graphics are really nice to look at detail and lighting is better at times than tt titles.

    Only done one episode so far but enjoyed the sequel more, not stopping me playing it but the story and gameplay mechanics aren't as good.

    Also playing minecraft story season 2, same as the first but different story, can't relate with it as much as I do with batman and the walking dead find it a tad generic just playing it for the plat really.
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  20. Far Cry 5 done!
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