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The Pile of Shame Club

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by ODB, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. State of Decay: Lifeline

    Ready to go for SoD2 now

    Battlefront 1: The original one.

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  2. Finished walking dead collection one of many platinum games these past couple of months.

    Moved on to everybody's golf nice change of pace quite enjoying levelling up my character and clubs, getting a handle on wind speed while taking shots.

    Undecided on a game to play along with it, might be little acre for another platinum.
  3. God Of War done

    Actually surprised how much I enjoyed it. It's a bloody long game though. Still a load of side stuff I can't be bothered to do (find the rest of the Valkyries for instance)
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  4. Detroit.

    Loved it
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  5. Star Wars Battlefront 2 OG

    Bloody long and difficult campaign
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  6. Gears of War Ultimate Edition

    A great game, looking even better than before

    Solid 10/10
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  7. Jurassic World Evolution done

    Its ok.
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  8. Fifa 2017 - The Journey

    Something a bit different for a change. Won the league with Spurs, loan at Villa. 106 goals.

    Had a lot of fun with this
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  9. Finished Enigmatis: the ghosts of maple creek point and click, with puzzles and hidden object games to progress gameplay.

    Played about 60% with connor on my normal run was a good few hours spent trying to clear the story.

    Also played the little acre another point and click title reminded me of the lucasart games from when I was a kid, short game but still fun to play all the same.

    Both bought for as little as £6 so a bargain and got two platinums as well.
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  10. Her Majestys Spiffing

    Tbh its like a demo for the first level of a game. Decent like but not worth the price at anything over £3. The whole pisstake of Brexit could have been done better too seeing how thats what its supposed to be

    Would be better as a episodic type thing

    Flying Tigers: Battle over China

    Decent enough arcade flight game. Enjoyed
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    #130 ODB, Aug 21, 2018
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  11. Currently playing castaway paradise.

    Animal crossing clone, been playing past couple of nights collecting fish, insects and growing crops for money.

    Expanded two islands and now able to donate to the museum so on to collectibles.

    So many similar things from animal crossing I'm surprised it's been allowed lol. Enjoying it a lot though, will play until platinum which will get me my moneys worth.
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  12. Saints Row 4 + DLC

    After purchasing on release finally got round to finishing. Too many missions, thought it would never end. Concept was poor as was execution. SR3 far more enjoyable

    Still need to play 1 & 2
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  13. Castaway paradise platinum complete, the game itself is never ending so I'll play it for 10-20 minutes a day from now on keep the island tidy.

    Went back to stealth Inc 2 started this in 2015 (first trophy popped) finished 24 levels so far and it's still going, timing and logic for the levels is tricky and twisted, killed the clone so many ways :rolleyes:
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  14. Castaway paradise island is now full with various trees and flowers, added fences to the bank, museum etc now dropping different items on the beach etc.

    Passed into a new sector on stealth inc 2, getting even more tricky with a clone machine, as always timing is key but you forget who is the clone and who is the real you, so many faults and wasting time :rolleyes:

    Started rayman legends what a beat little platformer detail in graphics is, excellent playing for playing as platinum sounds frustrating as hell :mad:
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  15. Whats that castaway like?
  16. It's exactly like animal crossing, you wake up on an island inhabited by animals, gain a house and help fix the island after a tropical storm. Pretty much after the training process you can do what you want (gems to spend pending).

    I've a daily routine of growing crops to gain xp and currency, clean the island of weeds, rubbish etc, I'm at a minimum now since I got the platinum but with seasons changing and new items to be bought I'll change it a little per day/week with what I get given.
  17. Spiderman done!

    Great game. Onto the DLC maybe
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  18. Started the order 1886 up to chapter three so far decent graphics and narrative but I've seen more gameplay in a telltale title and has more walking scenes than jason bourne.

    Still a good game apart from the dullish gameplay, other developers should take note with the detail in how the game looks graphically in a more isolated environment, has some nice touches in places.
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  19. The annoying thing is just when it starts to get good it ends.

    Theres a game and a story there. They need to just think beyond a tech demo
  20. I thought it started off really well then it went to events before it and the gameplay has slowed, also getting a uncharted vibe due to the action sequences, clear enemy move along repeat.

    Graphic wise it is very good played some this morning before work and the details in shadows and buildings is excellent.

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